One scenario you never want to experience is pulling into your driveway on a rainy or, more recently, snowy night, pushing the garage door opener button and nothing happens – it does not open. We purchase and install automatic openers for convenience and security. Failure can actually become a safety issue. Some simple maintenance can avoid any calamity. You’re lucky if you can spot issues before they create costly damage to your garage door or garage door opener Canton GA. Here is a list of simple maintenance steps you can take to prevent troubles and lengthen the life of your garage door opener Canton GA.

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1. Lubricate

Like most mechanical objects with moving parts, lubrication is an elementary task that needs to be done, and is relatively easy to do. Use a lithium or silicone spray. There are some products that are specifically made for garage doors in particular, but any spray with these ingredients will work. These coatings are to be put on the top of the chain rail (not the bottom of the chain rail). Also spray the screw and metal rollers, ball bearings, hinges and the lock. There are parts that should not be sprayed. They are: the chain and the spring.

A more common water displacement lubricant can be used on the actual garage door track if needed. This type of spray helps clean the track. Use a cloth to wipe the track often. Do not use the lithium or silicone spray on the track. That would wreak havoc. Dirt and particles would actually stick to it, build up, and actually block the motion of the door.

2. Visual Inspection

Periodically do a check of the obvious parts such as cables and fasteners. Inspect the tracks, supports and all of the mounting brackets. Watching for worn, broken or loose parts, decide if any need fixed or replaced.

The cord connecting the opener and the electrical outlet should be examined – is it frayed? Is it secure? If the system has a battery for backup, determine if and when it needs to be replaced.

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3. Replace Batteries

An almost effortless, but vital chore is to replace the batteries in the remote if needed. Don’t forget there are also batteries in the keypad on the wall, if there is one.

4. Test the Auto-Reverse Mechanism

The most time consuming and difficult job is testing the auto-reverse. This is a system that will open the door while it is closing if something is in the way.

  • First, examine the electronic eyes. Are they aligned? They may need cleaned or even replaced. Now there are three trials for this system. 
  • Put and object in place to block those electronic eyes. This can be something as common as a roll of garbage bags and will be placed at the threshold of the garage.
  • Try to close the door – it should reopen.
  • Next, set an object at the garage opening that does not block the electronic eyes. Choose a substantial object with some heft like a wheelbarrow. The door should reverse its motion when it touches the wheelbarrow, or whatever you chose to put there.
  • The final test is to place something in the path of the electronic eyes while the door is closing. Use something with a long handle to make it easy. Again, the motion should be reversed.

These upkeep tasks should be implemented three or four times a year.

Keeping a good maintenance of your garage door and garage door opener Canton GA will increase its life, save you money on repair, and provide security for your home and family.

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