The Lifespan of your Garage Door and Opener

Garage Door Maintenance Woodstock GA

The question of how long a garage door will last depends on the type of door you have in place and the level of usage. The type of garage door is defined by its quality, type of construction material and the product model. It is estimated that a garage door that is well-maintained can last over 10 years. Other estimates indicate that a good garage door can last between 25 to 30 year, if it is not backed against a car or any hard obstacle that could interfere with its course. The other factors that determine how long a garage door can last include the type of spring in your door and the weight of the door. Statistics indicate that the average garage door manufacturer distributes about 10,000 cycle springs in every unit sold. This means a garage door spring should operate effectively about 10,000 times. To measure this number for accurately, a garage door that closes about 4 times a day can last between 7 to 10 years. In the other hand, if your Woodstock GA door is so overbearing in terms of weight or lift relative to the strength of the spring, problems could come sooner.

 The three main types of garage door openers are screw drive, belt drive and chain drive door openers. These garage door openers typically feature a wired control button for operating the door from inside and a warning device that checks if there is an obstacle is interfering with its operation. In some cases the garage door can be operated using a signal receiver and transmitter or a handheld device found inside a car. You can easily establish the lifespan of your garage door by asking your garage door technician how long your garage door will last. The best time to ask this question is when you are installing a new garage door or when a local door technician is performing routine maintenance. A local garage door technician is best placed to gauge the lifespan of your garage door because he is well-versed with the type of weather related, tear and wear that takes place in your area. The experience obtained over the years by the local garage door technician also places them in a better position to give you a more accurate garage door installation and repair cost.

 You can also establish the lifespan of your garage door and opener by asking your garage door manufacturer this critical question. This question is important because when the product warranties run out, the manufacturers expect you to purchase a new garage door and opener. The trick to keeping your garage door and opener in perfect operating condition and for longer periods is by performing routine maintenance. One thing that you must avoid at all cost is banging your garage door on obstacles such as the car and land mower among other things. You can also perform a careful self appraisal to know how long your garage door and opener will last. This can be done by listen to the sound produced by your garage door when it is closing or opening over a specific period of time. If start listening to extraordinarily different sounds, the right thing to do is save up some money for repair work or system replacement before things get worse. Some quick tips to maintain your garage door and opener include:

  • Checking the door balance to remove any undue strains on the opener
  • Applying appropriate garage door lubricant on all the movable parts
  • Keep an eye any loose or worn out parts
  •  Make sure your garage door is always clean

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