Invest in the Right Commercial Garage Doors for Roswell, GA

Commercial buildings usually hold items worth lots of money. Whether they are retail shops, storage facilities, car dealerships or big stores in Roswell, GA and other cities in North Atlanta, they will retain priceless value in the hearts of their owners. When it comes to choosing commercial garage doors in Roswell, GA for such buildings, it is usually important to tread carefully, make no mistakes and ensure that the doors installed meet all the needs. Certainly, buying the right commercial garage door can be a very challenging task to a beginner due to the many sellers laying claim to the best doors, but through a few tips, you can buy the right door with ease. So what should you look for in a garage door for your commercial building?

Strength and Durability

A commercial garage door should be a long-term investment. It is only as a strong and durable investment that the garage door will ensure absolute security for your valuable items. Make sure that the door is made of a stronger material which is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and heavy impact. Remember that a strong material also acts as a deterrent on those planning to steal from your store. Common types of materials for commercial garage doors include metals (steel and aluminum), wood, and fiberglass. While wooden doors may offer amazing matches to exterior designs, they are not the best for commercial buildings unless they are of massive thickness. Metallic doors are preferred for commercial doors because they are lighter, safer and more durable. Moreover, while doors made of synthetic materials are attractive and lighter, they are rarely considered for use in commercial buildings in Roswell, GA because they are not durable. Keep in mind that at All 4 Seasons Garage Doors, you can customize your garage doors to your preferred style, size, and color. It is possible to have steel commercial garage doors that look just like carriage garage doors.


The level of security needed usually depends on the value of the items held inside a commercial building. Higher value items, such as gold and other precious metals, may attract security breaches more easily than stocks of clothes. You will need to invest in a more secure door if you consider the items inside your building to be worth attracting burglars more easily. The temptation to install garage doors with windows should be avoided. Windows may break quite often, forcing you to engage in regular and annoying replacements. Since through the windows, thieves standing outside the building may easily establish various locations for the items they intend to steal, the windows are an added security risk. You should also invest in a garage door that does not allow water to run into the building during heavy downpour. The windows feature is, however, beneficial for car dealerships or for businesses that intend to advertise the products inside the store at all times.

Designs of Commercial Garage Doors

There are various types and designs for commercial garage doors in Roswell, GA. Swing-up (tilt-up doors) open through out and upward rotations and are inexpensive, but are also ineffective when certain objects are close-by and may also allow water and snow into the building. Sectional roll-up garage doors are fitted with at least 4 hinges and are more secure, but are also more expensive. Commercial garage doors can be personalized using paint to make them more stylish, but it is usually important to minimize the extent of glass insertions on the doors, which may compromise security. Remember that the security of your items should come ahead of visibility and style. If you need a professional advice and expert consultation, contact All 4 Seasons Garage Doors at (678) 981-8454 and our expert technicians will help you choose the right commercial garage doors for your business. Our on-site estimates are free!

Energy Efficiency

Finally, it is important to invest on energy-efficient doors to cut energy bills that can heavily diminish your profit margins. So when investing on commercial garage door in Roswell, GA make sure to ascertain whether they are energy-efficient. Another way to cut on energy bills is to install insulation on your commercial garage doors, especially if you require a narrow temperature range to be kept inside the building for longer product shelf life.

For expert assistance on your commercial garage doors, call All 4 Seasons Garage Doors at (678) 981-8454 or (770) 517-7078. Happy Tuesday!