We wrote articles about how to increase your home value, how to add curb appeal and beautify your home by either painting your garage doors Sandy Springs GA to complement the style of your home, or cleaning and decorating them, or buying new garage doors to make your home one of distinction. In this article, however, we want to step back and look at a bigger picture – the garden. Planting flowers is a great way to add curb appeal to your home as well. Pair that with freshly painted garage doors in Sandy Springs and you have a complete makeover of your home exterior!

Curb Appeal and Home Value

Flower gardens are a great way to beautify your home exterior and give it a fresh look. Also, depending on the flowers you choose to grow, your garden will smell wonderful in the summer and attract butterflies. Just think of the bliss of a summer day outside enjoying the view of your garden.

Investing in a flower garden is also one way to increase the value of your home, in case you are considering selling it. Potential customers are more likely to consider buying your home if they like the exterior. Many times, buyers won’t even check out the inside if they don’t like the exterior.

With so many different elements involved with growing and starting a new flower garden, you need to know a few basic elements. If not, you are going to potentially suffer a setback in growing the garden and possibly reduce the quality of your garden, all because you didn’t follow a few basic steps.

Getting The Soil Ready

For starters, you need to properly set aside the area you want to transform into a flower garden. This means to cut out and remove all of the current plant life and the roots. From the grass to bushes and anything else living in the area, make sure to remove all of the roots and to work up the soil as well. This is going to help boost the amount of oxygen the soil receives, which also helps your garden grow as well. There are tilling tools you can use to break up tough soil and to give you the desirable consistency. You might also want to purchase new soil from a nursery, as sometimes the Sandy Springs, GA soil can be rather undesirable for planting and creating a flower garden.


When looking at what to plant, you need to look at the sun amount it requires. If the garden you are placing is in full sunlight, make sure to check the flowers to see what is going to be the best option for the area. There are partially exposed platens that work and other plants that need mostly shade. Knowing all of this is going to ensure you receive the best growth in your flowers.


After you plant the flowers, which you should do in early spring, make sure to apply fertilizer in its location as well, as this is going to help deliver nutrients to the plants and allow it to grow stronger, so you can show off the fuller, larger flowers of your garden.

Have a Small Garden?

If you a small garden in front of your home, you might consider other ways that flowers and plants can beautify your home. Plant a tree that blooms, such as a crepe myrtle, or a lilac tree. Oh how I love the smell of lilac trees! Or you could plant a bush, such as the snowball bush. If your garage doors in Sandy Springs GA occupy a big space of the home façade, you might consider hanging flower baskets on the sides.

Please let us know in the comments bellows what are other basic steps that one needs to know before investing in a flower garden. Oh and you know what else goes well with the bliss of a spring or summer flower garden and chirping birds and butterflies around the house? A QUIET garage door! Don’t hesitate to call your experts for garage doors Sandy Springs GA about the ULTRA Quiet Garage Doors package. You can reach us at (678) 981-8454.