Reducing your holiday decoration disorder

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There’s nothing scarier on a Halloween night than unorganized decorations lying all over your house. Being reckless towards packing everything away can cost you a fortune as well; Rodents, dust, mold and mildew can invade your decorations if they’re not properly guarded. On the bright side, there’s a solution to this dilemma and it involves spending a considerable amount of time. If you’re the “Do it yourself” type and don’t usually rely on professional support for small jobs, then follow these special tips on how to properly manage your decorations in a garage.


Gather a large array of plastic containers

Using plastic containers to store items is an excellent safeguard against mold from forming on any material, or damage from moisture. The different sizes of the containers offers versatility; You can fit all kinds of decorations, ranging from small to large.

Create labels/categories for each plastic container to separate items based on type

Assigning different categories will allow you to easily distinguish between decorations and identify those that you feed. For instance, coffins and tombstones would fit in one category while threads (spider-webs, string) can be in a different category. Analogous to a supermarket, each type of items are classified into a certain category, creating convenience.

Replace lights on stands with newer ones/fold stands properly

Why go out of the way to spend -40 dollars on a new set of light strands, just because a few lights can’t work? You can easily replace those broken lights with new ones, whether or not they have the same color as the original lights.

Online retailers such as Amazon and Ebay currently have many types of lights for sale.

It would be best to use a wooden spool to coil the lights after use. The circular shape of the spool allows the strands to lay in a fixed position and not tangle.

Carefully place linens away from woods or dyes

Tissue paper or linen can be affected in two ways: pests can easily rest on them and any exposure to dye or liquids material creates stains on the items that are extremely hard to remove. Stand-up models of different creatures (witches, vampires, etc.) are prone to this particular issue since their clothes are made from linen. With this in mind, keeping the linens away from wood or colorful dyes is the best solution, or you simply remove the linens from the garage. Not every item is meant to be placed there.

East Cobb has its share of insect pests. Another measure available is the use of an insect repellent to keep bugs away from the items. Ortho Home Defense Max Perimeter & Indoor Insect Killer can be used to remove bugs along with other brands. It works best when sprayed around the garage instead of directly on the items.

Proper climate control is necessary

Although pre-designed decorations are purchased on a frequent basis, some are handmade or designed by a group of people. These types of decorations include ornaments, candles and little props. Maintaining room temperature in your garage will prevent the hand-made figures from becoming disfigured or more fragile from slowly degrading.


Don’t look as storing your decorations as a job or something that’s unbearable and tiring, enjoy every minute spent from organizing. Remember, taking care of your decoration saves money in your pocket from constantly buying decorations each year since the items are more preserved. Secondly, completing this organizing task can be a collaborate effort. When the family gets involved in the work, it reduces time and provides a golden opportunity to bond with the most important people in your life.

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