Tips for Organizing Your Garage Storage

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The garage is a place where a lot of occasionally used things are stored. if you want an efficient garage or outdoor storage area, give them as much organizational thought as your  indoor storage spaces. Some of the items commonly stored in the garage include; workshop tools, sports equipment, cars, camping equipment and gardening tools and supplies. The car usually takes up to 50 percent of the entire garage space. Sports equipment such as bicycles can also require a lot storage space. The gardening tools and supplies that are often stored in the garage include lawn mower, spade, wheel barrow, rakes and hoses.

Camping equipment can take up space in the garage, especially sleeping bags, tents and backpacks. Since there are many types of items and supplies that can be stored in the garage, proper organization is very critical. You can do spring cleaning of your garage to keep it clean and organized for the rest of the season. One perfect solution for organizing your garage storage is using functional storage devices. Examples of functional storage fittings that can be easily created or purchased include the rolling workbench, ceiling storage shelves, do-it-yourself workbench, pegboard and gardening tool cart.

The gardening tool cart is essentially a push trolley with enhanced columns and pockets. Gardening tools such as rakes, pesticides, trowels and gloves can be stored on the cart. The pegboard, on the other hand is a hanging board with holes and hooks. The board is ideal for hanging small items such as tapes, hammer, saws, nails, screws, pliers, spanners and other small workshop tools. You can build an overhead storage shelf if you have a high ceiling in your garage. The shelf can be used to store or hang beach chairs, luggage, umbrellas and plastic storage containers. The idea of organizing the garage space aims to cut clutter, create maximum usage of space and find the most appropriate storage solutions.

Lets tackle tool organization first. Below are 5 proper storage tips for tools in your garage

Clean your tools to keep prevent rust and dirt build-up

If you want your tools to last longer and stay in good working condition, you must clean them regularly, especially after use. This will also prevent dirt build-up and rust.

Tool lubricants and combustible liquids should be stored safely

Combustible liquids such as gasoline are an important resource for power machines such as chainsaw and lawnmowers. However, lubricants and gasoline should be stored safely to prevent them from becoming fire accelerants. One way to do this is through the use of an approved container that closes tightly.

Invest in good hardware storage

 Since you spend a lot of money purchasing tools, it is important to take time to store these tools in an organized way from time to time. Tools such as table saws can be stored in a suitable bar shelving to keep it safe and productive for the longest period of time.

Use racks to store garden and lawn tools

Use a rack attached to the wall to store important lawn and garden tools to keep them out of way and have them where it is easy to find. A special tool hanger can also be used for storing larger hand tools such as shovels and hoes.

Use locked tool boxes to store small tools

Smaller and sharper tools can be dangerous, especially if they are misplaced. For this reason, small tools such as hand trowels, pruners and scissors should be kept in a tool box with a lock. Doing this will keep the tools well-organized and out of children’s reach.

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