Garage Door Shopping

It took years of grinding and sacrifice to reverse the effects of my poor choices as a young man in regards to my credit. It all paid off in the purchase of my first home and I couldn’t be any happier. Finally I have my own; you could say, I’ve come a long way. Another thing that’s come a long way is the sheer amount of choice and decisions to be made on the look of your house. What kind of wood, what kind of windows, what kind of appliances, what kind of flooring…what kind of garage door. That last one had me scratching my head too, but you might be surprised at the amount of choice there is in selecting a garage door for your new home. Here are a list of just some of the options from All Four Seasons Garage Door Repair Woodstock GA:


The coachman blends the high end wood carriage house style doors with the benefits of low maintenance, durable insulated steel. The designs on these doors can complement many styles of home such as: craftsman, shaker, traditional, French country and many more. Part of the coachman’s charm is it’s resemblance to a swing out door with built in modern overhead operation.


For those people who are looking to go completely modern, the avante is for you. The avante can not only transform your garage, but also serve as a partition for indoor lofts and merge indoor and outdoor spaces.

Canyon Ridge

Don’t let the faux wood turn you off. The beauty and texture of natural wood are achieved by full cladding and overlay; never once losing the energy efficiency of an insulated steel door.


For those who don’t want to think about a garage door any further, go with the classic, it’s quite simple. Three layer steel construction. Polystyrene or Intellicore polyurethane insulation between two layers of heavy duty big boy steel. You get energy efficiency, durability, strength and quiet operation.


A modern twist on history; these carriage style designs are bursting with character and charm. For those that desire that “old school” authentic look, but require modern day amenities, these are the doors for you.


A lot of times your “wish list” doesn’t cooperate with reality, that’s not the case with these doors. Grooved panel designs over a raised panel steel garage door give it a vintage feel along with the choice of decorative windows and unique color choices. The results are a classic look that are sure to fit any budget.


If you have a contemporary, traditional or rustic style home, these doors are the perfect complement to your home and will instantly boost its curb appeal. The ultra-grain paint finish, energy efficiency, overall practicality and tons of decorative styles and options make these the perfect choice.

At All Four Seasons Garage Door Repair Woodstock GA southern charm extends beyond the person and into your home. So whether you’re a do it yourselfer or you’re like me and guaranteed to pay someone else to do the labor, your home deserves that same southern charm that your neighbors see every day. Don’t go with boring, outdated, play it safe garage doors; spice it up and give your home some character. Let your car feel like it’s pulling into a resort and let your neighbors drool with envy as your home shines like the sun on a southern summer day.

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