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All 4 Seasons Garage & Entry Doors offers garage door repair in Kennesaw including maintenance for a quiet, energy-efficient garage door. The garage door is typically the biggest movable part of any home. You may use it for your car(s) or for storage purposes. You may use it daily or periodically. Either way, overtime garage doors will need regular maintenance so that it functions properly over time. Luckily, there are several maintenance tips that any homeowner can follow to help make sure that the garage door functions properly and any need to replace or repair it becomes unnecessary. The following maintenance tasks for garage door repair can be done about every three months or as needed:

Lubricate Garage Door Components

First of all, you will want to make sure the door is properly lubricated. You need to consider several things before you lubricate your door. For garage door repair, it is good to note that you should not use WD 40 to lubricate the parts of a door that are squeaking. Instead, you should use a silicone spray or a lithium spray for the stems, chain rail, metal rollers, hinges, nubs, lock, and armbar. This is because not all components of the door need lubrication. There are parts of the door that should not be sprayed with any lubrication like the spring and the garage door track.

Clean Garage Door Track

Next, you can properly clean the garage door track. As mentioned no lubricant should be sprayed on the garage door track, even when it becomes sticky or noisy. Lubricant will not add to the correct functioning of the garage track. Additionally, a lubricant may even cause a collection of matter that can eventually build up and complicate the proper functioning of the door. Instead, the garage door track should be cleaned completely and properly. To clean the track correctly you will need to wipe the inside part of the track with a dampened cloth. After you have done this, use a dry cloth to wipe it off.

 Garage Door Sensors

You can also realign the sensors for garage door repair Kennesaw GA. Sometimes the sensors do not work properly. Oftentimes, this happens because the sensors have been knocked out of alignment. When this happens the sensors must be realigned. To realign the sensors on your garage door all you need to do is push the sensors gently in the proper position. The proper position for the sensors is where they are facing each other. If the sensors are not correctly aligned, you will see lights blinking to indicate that they are not aligned properly. After the sensors are aligned correctly, instead of seeing a blinking light you will see a solid light.

Weather Seals

It is a good idea to install weather seals. If you decide to install weather seals, it will help you save energy and money in the long run. They can help prevent any moisture from getting inside the garage. Be sure to apply weather seals to the bottom of the garage door, between the door panels, and on the frame of the door.

Reset The Garage Door Opener

Sometimes you will need to reset the garage door opener. When the garage door does not work properly sometimes you simply need to reset the garage door opener. Every door will have its unique instructions of garage door repair Kennesaw GA, on how to reset the opener, the typical instructions include turning off the power by unplugging the opener, waiting about 10 seconds, and then turning the power on again. Once the garage door opener is on again, the down arrow button should be pressed until the door closes completely.


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