With the changing of seasons and time’s passing, certain structures in homes begin to shift, fall apart, and corrode. It is a requirement of the homeowner to conduct regular maintenance on every part of the building to ensure proper and safe functioning. With changes in weather comes unfortunate occurrences of foundation shifts. This can be caused by the moving and cracking of the ground due to the hot and dry weather, which consequently shifts the foundation of the home as well. Along with the ground’s shift of the home’s foundation, there are likely to be door and other structural issues. One of the most dangerous effects of shifting is the movement garage door mechanisms. This is because the possibilities of the garage falling and hitting somebody would most likely result in an extremely injurious mishap; garage doors are not light in weight. To ensure the garage door is in a complete safe working order, it is recommended to get it checked and maintained by a professional from time to time. It is not a situation that needs to be incorporated into a monthly routine, but an annual check for a maintenance routine is advisable.


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“Made an appointment they had a cancellation that worked out great for me. The Tech called before he came and called when the job was complete. He replaced both springs and fixed some bad rollers and aligned the door. My garage door works better than ever. I would recommend All Four Seasons and will use”

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“Wow! We very recently moved to Atlanta and stumbled on this company after getting a crazy high price quote elsewhere. I am so grateful that we called them! They were very flexible with arrival windows and the tech (Anthony) was wonderful! This team was great with providing information on the phone (Francine) and scheduling too”

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By contacting All Four Seasons Garage Door Repair in Dallas GA, one can ask about any garage door related concern, request price quotes, or set up an appointment for an evaluation. During the evaluation, a certified garage door specialist will inspect all parts of the garage door including all electronic mechanisms and devices that are interconnected within the system. The All Four Seasons Garage Door Repair specialist will make evaluations for potential repairs by checking to see if there are broken springs, spooled cables, corroded or damaged rollers, tubes, bent or damaged tracks, cracked door panels, dysfunctional garage door openers, motors and much more.

Common Garage Door Problems

Some of the most common garage door problems have to do with the sensors, tracks, noise, gears and springs. Garage Door Repair in Dallas GA can ensure that the sensors are working properly. Having bad sensors are a major hazard because the garage door will continue to close whether there is something in the door’s path or not. All of the newer garage doors that meet safety standards have sensors which are either laser or touch sensitive, which reverses the garage door’s closing once it touches something that is in the way of the closing or once something breaks the line of the laser beam.

Nearly all garage doors are closed and opened utilizing garage door opening remotes. At times, garage openers may stop functioning due to being externally or internally broken, or may simply need a reprogramming. All Four Seasons Door Repair technicians will not only be able to assist with the problem, they will also be able to give advise on how to avoid and prevent the same issues from occurring again.

The issue of springs going bad is another dangerous situation because it could end up being the cause of the whole garage door system breaking. A bad spring can cause an imbalance in the entire garage door’s frame which would cause added pressure on one side of the frame over another. This scenario can not only bring down the entire garage door, but it can also cause severe damage to the walls and ceiling. That would be a catastrophe for the whole house’s structure as well as the wallet. One of the main signs of bad springs is screeching noise. Therefore, if there are any suspected problems a technician should be contacted as soon a possible.

These are all some of the reasons why regular maintenance is necessary. Taking care of a small garage door problem can prevent nearly all potential larger scale problems.

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