You’re sitting around your kitchen table with your family eating breakfast on a Saturday morning. Suddenly you hear a noise and upon peeking out of your window you see your garage door slowly opening! Now at first it doesn’t alarm you, but with a second thought and a glance around the table where your children are noisily eating and your husband is reading the paper, you are in shock. How in the world is your garage opening by itself? No one pushed the button! Your car is sitting neatly in the garage, but why is your garage door opening by itself and more importantly, how can you stop it from happening? How secure are you? What if this happens when you are at work or on vacation?

Why Is It Happening?

Now that you know that you aren’t losing your mind, your garage doors Atlanta GA can open by itself. But why? There are several reasons why garage doors may open by themselves. One reason is that older garage doors can be triggered by different things to open. If something is on the same frequency as your garage door it may cause it to own by itself. For those that live near airports or even military bases, the equipment could be tuning into the same frequency, which makes your garage door open randomly. However, this is a very rare occurrence.

Another reason why your garage door may be raising is if it was struck or damaged in a recent thunder or lightning storm. Some may worry that their neighbor’s garage door is causing their door to open. Lastly, another reason why your garage door is opening mysteriously may be because of old batteries, faulty circuit work, or even buttons on the opener or on the wall mount may be sticking. We promise there is a reason your garage is opening and no it isn’t because of a ghost!

How to Fix Your Garage Doors Atlanta GA

There are a few different ways to prevent and fix your garage doors Atlanta GA from opening randomly. First if you see this happening more than one time with your garage doors, you must reset the code. You can do this by resetting it on the remote and also resetting the garage door opener box. Also, make sure any spare garage door openers are not just lying in a “junk drawer” and being accidentally pushed by other items. This sometimes is the reason why a garage door may open by itself. Another way to prevent or fix this problem is to make sure that the batteries in the remote are new and working properly. Sometimes when a battery is “dying” it can cause a few hiccups for the garage door. Lastly, be sure that the buttons on your remote or on the mounted piece in the garage are working. Sometimes after constant use, buttons can stick and will perform commands like opening your garage door, even if you are not pushing any button.

When should I call a professional?

If you are still having trouble with your garage door opening or having any other issues, you should contact a professional to take a look at your garage door. A skilled professional should be able to run a few tests or troubleshoot to figure out your issue, which may be directly related to the wiring. It is important to contact those with the knowledge and skill level to properly work on your garage door quickly and efficiently for you.

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