Wood Garage Doors

The natural beauty of wood can elevate the look of any home, and wooden garage doors are a great way to boost your curb appeal. The exquisite Amarr by Design collection of wooden garage doors offer classic elegance along with modern energy efficiency, and are available in both Traditional and Carriage House designs. If you are looking for a wooden garage door in the the Nashville or Atlanta areas, contact All Four Seasons Garages for a free consultation – we can help you pick out the perfect new door for your home, and even show you what it would look like on your house before you buy it!

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  • Wooden garage doors offer classic, natural beauty to enhance the look of your home

  • Wood garage door construction is designed for ultimate performance and lasting durability

  • Wooden garage doors resist weather and insect damage – making these doors ideal for Nashville, TN; Marietta, GA; and surrounding Atlanta area homeowners

The first, clear vertical grain cedar, is a rich, medium colored wood. Cedar is known for its humidity resistance, which makes it a great choice in Atlanta’s hot and humid summers. Many other types of wood will warp when exposed to moisture, but cedar wood stays straight and unphased by the weather. This weather proofing also makes it less susceptible to rot and insect damage. Cedar is light and porous, which means it is great at absorbing noise and has added insulation benefits. We also offer a lighter cedar option – incense cedar – for our garage doors. Incense-cedar garage doors share the same weather and noise resistant properties of the clear vertical grain cedar garage doors, as well as the insulation benefits. Either of these elegant cedar garage door constructions would be perfect for any home.

In addition to our two cedar options, we offer mahogany and red grandis. Mahogany is well known and widely used for its deep, luxurious coloring, attractive grain, and overall strength. Mahogany garage doors age well and, like the cedar garage doors, are highly resistant to humidity and warping. Additionally, mahogany garage doors are resistant to water and insect damage. Red grandis is very similar in weight, density, and grain structure to mahogany, however, it is much lighter in color. The red grandis, a Eucalyptus wood, is typically a very pale tan to a mild creamy yellow in color and looks exceptional on any garage door.

Insulated Construction

In addition to our high-quality color options, we also offer premier garage door construction. Our wood garage doors utilize a triple-layer technology for the ultimate performance in weather insulation, noise insulation, and lasting durability.

Custom Hardware Options

Our wooden garage doors offer additional customization with our premier decorative hardware options. We offer five individual sets of hardware specifically tailored for these wooden doors. You can choose the option that most fits your home’s unique style, or forego the hardware altogether for a clean, fresh look. Still need convincing? Check out our online coupons to sweeten the deal!

Browse through our many options of wooden garage doors available in Marietta, GA and the greater Atlanta area to find your perfect fit today! Simply click a wooden residential garage door you like to learn more about the custom options you can select to make your door truly unique.

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