DIY Garage Door Repair This article is going to run down all the basics when it comes to issues with garage door repair Marietta GA, as well as repairs that a homeowner can do by himself/herself. It is first important for a homeowner to understand what some of the most common issues are. The average homeowner can often save a lot of money through regular maintenance, as well as fixing issues that do not require any type of professional assistance to be safely completed. Some of the most regular types of maintenance that a homeowner can perform on his garage door often go overlooked for many years. As with a car, a garage door requires regular maintenance to run at an optimal level through the seasons. An irregular maintenance schedule can cause you spend more on needed garage door repair Marietta GA. The rest of this article will be examining common issues and thier easy fixes that will postpone a professional service call for garage door repair Marietta GA.

My garage door doesn’t open/close

One of the most commonly cited issues with garage door repair Marietta GA is a garage door that will not open or shut. While many causes are often suspected, it is first important for the homeowner to check his keypad. The most common keypad problem? Dead or wore batteries. Another cause can be the placement of something new within the garage that could be blocking the reception of the key pad as well. The good news about keypads is that the homeowner can replace the batteries, move any item that is blocking reception, or even get another keypad from a retailer to try out. If the old keypad was broke, the new one will likely work just fine. If the problem is not related to the keypad, you might want to consult a professional with garage door repair Marietta GA and call All 4 Seasons Garage Doors at (678)-981-8454.

The torsion spring(s) are at fault

Another commonly cited issue is the door failing upon being initially released by the homeowner. The bad news regarding this issue is that in many cases the retention springs are at fault. It is very important to mention, that under no circumstances, should the homeowner attempt to replace or work on his retention springs! Any maintenance that requires handling the springs should only be done by professionals. A damaged garage door, or even serious personal injury, can occur while attempting to disassemble this part of the garage door.

My garage door fails to open/close completely

Some people having trouble with their garage doors Marietta GA will note that their doors do not open or shut completely. Sometimes the homeowner will notice that while the door does open or shut completely that it puts up more resistance than it usually does. Lubing up the rollers that the garage uses to raise and lower will often fix this problem in no time flat.

Regular Maintenance

In order to avoid some of the more serious repairs discussed here, regular maintenance is necessary. The previously mentioned oiling of the rollers on the track is one form of maintenance. The cleaning of said track and all other components is also maintenance. Keeping the batteries in the remote or keypad up to date is yet another form of maintenance that a homeowner can do their self. When performing any type of garage door maintenance, the door should be put down and left shut, and any spare key pads should be in possession of the person performing the maintenance. Somebody accidentally opening the door during a routine cleansing or lubing could result in injury.

As mentioned before, people who need work on their garage doors Marietta GA will occasionally have more serious issues that only the pros can safely fix. In many cases the retention springs will be at fault, in other cases some other mechanical component will need repair or replacement. Many repairs are not this serious however and homeowners can replace their keypads, lube their rollers and even clean the passageways for their rollers without professional assistance.

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