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Commercial Garage Doors Canton GACommercial garage doors are an asset to many different businesses. Storage facilities and warehouses use them all the time so they need to be strong and durable. All Four Seasons Garage Doors is a family owned business that is located in Marietta, GA and serves the metro Atlanta area and over 27 cities in North Atlanta, including Canton, GA. We offer a variety of trusted brands for commercial garage doors, garage door openers, as well as installation and repair services. Most businesses think that there is a trade-off between looks and durability or safety. We believe you can have it all. We customize your commercial garage doors to look the way you want and to provide superior quality, safety, and durability. Moreover, in addition to the manufacturer warranty, we offer our own back-up for the products we sell.

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All Four Seasons installed our garage door in 2010 and we have used them for maintenance ever since. They do consistently excellent work at a fair price. Getting a service call is not an ordeal -- they are usually there within 48 hours. Highly recommended.

Tranquility Outpost Google Review February 7, 2019

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Good job by a professional!

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Features for Commercial Garage Doors Canton GA

Our commercial garage doors  in Canton GA are available in different sizes and materials and you can choose the best ones according to your needs. Our experts will also advise you on the best products for your particular business. Each commercial garage door is built in a way that it is highly customizable and that can be modified according to the customer’s needs. You need to keep many factors in mind when choosing a commercial garage door for your business. Some of them are material, thickness, insulation, inclusion of windows, their location, clearance needed, and their opening mechanism.

Safety and More!

Unlike garage doors used in homes, all commercial doors have much higher standards to ensure safe and continuous operation in commercial environment. These doors should also be secure and should meet all local codes and OSHA requirements. They have high quality heavy-duty locking mechanism and can be easily configured into the security system of the warehouse. Most of the commercial garage doors in Canton GA have unique safety features in the form of beak-away bottom section. It is designed in a way to prevent any structural damage to the door or any of its components. This break-away panel can be easily replaced without any need to call a technician. However, if needed, All Four Seasons Garage Doors provides 24/7 emergency service.

Commercial Garage Door Openers Canton GA

Choosing either an automatic or manual garage door openers is a must, since these doors are usually heavy and are made using bulky materials. Heavy commercial garage doors require commercial strength openers and are different than the ones used in households. Many doors offer insulation, which is important to control the temperature for your business in Canton, GA. There are also different types of insulation, depending on thickness and material. Our experts can help you determine the right R-value for the insulation depending on the temperature in Canton, GA and on the products you store. Non-insulated commercial garage doors are also available in different styles and designs. Many of them have several useful features such as viewing points or windows.


The three main types of materials used for making commercial garage doors are steel sectional, aluminum, and rolling steel. The steel sectional commercial garage doors have multiple insulation options and gauge that contribute to their climate control and security abilities. They are made with using several steel panels hinged together. Most of the aluminum doors come in special patterns designed to include small windows to allow in more light and visibility. Therefore, these doors are best for merging outdoor and indoor spaces, or for internal partitions. Aluminum garage doors are best for car dealerships and fire stations. Aluminum doors are most commonly used in the fire stations and car dealerships.

Rolling Steel Commercial Garage Doors Canton GA

The rolling steel commercial garage doors are made using corrugated steel strips that allow them to be rolled up overhead. These corrugations also provide them sufficient strength to withstand impact. There are different types of rolling steel garage doors that are suitable for different commercial purposes in Canton, GA. The most widely used rolling steel doors are security, or service doors. They are made using perforated slats or traditional steel slates to allow for visibility and airflow. They are made using steel gauges 18-24 and can be easily painted in any color. Security grilles are made using perforated slats and can be rolling openers or side-folding openers. They are mostly used in schools or malls.

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