Choosing a Commercial Garage Door

Choosing a new commercial garage door is an important undertaking, especially if you aren’t sure exactly what features you need and what to look for. When choosing a commercial garage door there are quite a few more variables than when pick out a garage door for a home.

Commercial and industrial applications require a garage door with a high quality features that will both protect expensive equipment and vehicles from burglars as well as stand up to the demands of constant use. To this end, choosing the right commercial garage door requires an attention to several factors. To make the process easier, here is the lowdown on what to look for when choosing a commercial garage door:

Sectional Commercial Door

Sectional commercial garage doors are suitable where security and thermal efficiency are a concern, when window space is preferred for visibility and light, or simply for artistic appeal.

Commercial sectional garage doors are a perfect fit for industrial loading dock door applications. Sectional garage doors are also a good choice where noise is an issue, as sectional doors operate quietly, especially in windy applications. However, sectional commercial garage doors do require a significant amount of headroom or backroom, depending on your type of application.

Rolling Commercial Doors

Commercial rolling garage doors are suitable for demanding environments that require maximum security and durability. Because of minimal needed headroom, backroom, and side-room, rolling commercial doors are well suited to work in constricted spaces where sectional doors aren’t practical. Commercial rolling garage doors are manufactured with interlocking slats that wrap around an overhead barrel and can be fabricated for counter shutters and service door applications as well as for security panels or grilles.

Fire Commercial Doors

Fire commercial garage doors feature many of the same construction features as rolling commercial doors, but commercial fire doors are designed for facilities which require a fire door to be placed in a graded fire wall. Fire doors are generally built with temperature sensitive fusible links that will release to automatically close the door when the temperature reaches 165 Fahrenheit. Additionally, the building’s heat and smoke detectors, or alarm system, can be linked and set to trigger the door to close. Fire doors are also available for both counter shutter and service door applications.

Traffic Commercial Doors

Traffic commercial garage doors are comparable in construction to the rolling garage door, but traffic garage doors are built with a high tensile-strength fabric curtain, rather than metal. This permits the door to attain faster opening and closing speeds, making traffic doors ideal for high-use environments. A major advantage of a traffic door, and its fabric construction, is if the door should be dislodged from the tracks it can easily be reset or replaced without the need to call a service technician.


Whatever type of commercial garage door you choose it is important to select a door that has proper insulation properties. Many commercial garages require temperatures to remain within certain values. Heating or cooling a large area is typically an expensive proposition, and the costs can increase significantly if the commercial garage door doesn’t have adequate insulator ability. A properly insulated door will ensure the heat stays inside, or outside, the garage and guarantee a comfortable work environments as well as lower energy bills.


Cost is always a consideration, and you should buy a commercial garage door that is within your budget, staying away from doors that will require you to go into debt. However, you should also stay away from exceptionally inexpensive commercial garage doors, as cheap tends to always be more expensive in the long run.

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