Prep Your Garage to Entertain this Cool Season

Cool fall weather makes for the perfect environment to entertain your Smyrna GA friends and family for cookouts. Now is as good of a time as any to get your garage ready for game day. Make your garage into a weekend game day gathering space, and easily convert it back to a functional garage for the work week.

Don’t let this cool, crisp autumn weather go unused! 

Set up a flat screen TV on a stand in the center of the garage. You want the TV to be inside the garage in case of any inclement weather. Set up two tables. One for prep, and the other for a place to set up the food spread for your guests. Next, bring as many chairs into the space as you need. Bring whatever chairs work for you, and if you have folding chairs, bring those too. Set up the chairs around the television. You can even have some of the chairs sitting outside of the garage. Be sure, however, to leave ample space in the garage for the chairs to come in should inclement weather arise.

Next, you need to decorate the garage with whatever you want. If you have sports memorabilia, use that. If you have a new piece of art that you want to show your friends, bring that too. Set the space up exactly how you want. Put a tablecloth on the table that you are using for the food spread. Ask your friends to bring a dish, or perhaps some beverages for the occasion.

Next, set your grill up outside of the garage, and position the prep table effectively so that it is close to the grill. Once you have your garage space set up just how you like it, consider shifting some things in your garage, so that you can store your game day furniture to the side. This way, all of your game day stuff can be out of the way of the vehicles during the work week. This makes for an easy transition between weekend game days with friends and normal operations during the work week.

Now that your garage is set up for game day. Just get all of the food ready for the big day. Make sure all of the meat is fresh and thawed. Get potato chips, snacks, soft drinks, and whatever else you want for the big game. Put everything you want to cook on the prep table and get ready for your friends to show up. Fire up the grill when you feel like people are ready to eat, and have a cool weather garage game day cookout with all of your best friends.

It can even be a surprise. You can have everything set up and concealed within the garage doors, and when your friends get there, ask to show them what you have been working on in the garage. Ask them all to come outside, and simply press a button, and the garage doors open to reveal a wonderland of food and sports entertainment for everyone. Flip on the TV, and start grilling away. Be sure to put the grill outside of the garage so the smoke doesn’t accumulate in there. Also, you may want to put the fan on in the garage or open some windows for fresh air.

With a cool weather surprise garage game day party, every weekend will be a fun experience right in your garage for you and your friends. Why not try this idea or something similar to get the maximum benefit from having a garage space with doors as part of your home.

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