With hurricane season always right around the corner there are ways to better protect your home now before it is too late. Unlike storms that appear quickly and disappear in hours, a hurricane will give you a few days warning but once it arrives it can cause damage for much longer periods of time. For that reason alone it is a good idea to hurricane proof your home well in advance of any storms in the forecast. So now that we are NOT in the hurricane seasons, it is the best time to plan ahead and protect our homes for the next hurricane season. Here are a few helpful hints to make your home hurricane proof and safer for you and your family.

1. Plywood for Windows and Doors

The key to successfully protecting your home and family is to have a plan in place well before trouble strikes. If you plan on boarding up windows and doors with plywood then now is the time to get that wood and get them ready for installation. The last thing you want to do is run to the home center the day before a hurricane is due to hit your town.

Besides the craziness of all the people in the store you may find the wood has already sold out. Take the time now while there is no sense of urgency, buy all the sheets that you will need and drill the holes so they line up perfectly. Once you have the boards all positioned you can stack them in the garage with the nuts and bolts until you need them. This will take the stress out of your life when a storm in bearing down on your home.

2. Garage Doors in Atlanta GA

Your garage door is the next area of your home you must prepare in the event of a hurricane. Contact your garage doors Atlanta GA professionals at (678) 981-8454, and have them inspect your garage door to make sure it is safe and able to withstand hurricane force winds. Many times the doors installed on older homes were not compliant with the new regulations and are not safe in the event of severe winds. The garage doors Atlanta GA experts at All 4 Seasons Garage Doors will tell you that if the hurricane winds are able to compromise your garage door the wind and air pressure can build up in the garage and actually cause the roof to explode.

You can discuss with your garage doors Atlanta GA professionals a couple options available to you. Having the garage door replaced with a model that can withstand hurricane force winds will protect your home and family and increase the curb appeal of your home too. These new doors are very pleasing to look at and complement the entire look of your exterior. All 4 Seasons Garage Doors is well known for the fair and transparent prices, high professionalism and expertise, as well as honesty.

3. Shutters and Bars

One other way to hurricane proof your home is to have hurricane shutters and bars installed on the doors and windows. Many different types of protective shutters rand from the type that you must install manually each time a storm approaches, to the type that stay attached and simply slide to the side like an accordion when not in use. There are many different styles and strength shutters available and you should carefully research any company before you call for an estimate on the job. These shutters will protect your home from projectiles that become airborne when the winds of the hurricane reach dangerous levels. When all your doors and windows are secure, you and your family will feel much safer in the event that your home is in the path of the hurricane.

Contact your garage doors Atlanta GA experts at (678) 981-8454. Also, check our website for coupons and specials.

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