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Tips to repair your garage doorGarage Door Repair Marietta GA

Problems with your garage door are always inconvenient, and at times could be dangerous. You may consider replacement, but that can be expensive and often unnecessary. Most repairs will cost a small fraction of the cost of a new door.

Many problems may occur concerning your garage door. Primarily these issues are due to three crucial parts:

  • Torsion Spring: The torsion spring has a surprising amount of constant pressure and over time weakens and can no longer function or breaks.
  • Cables: These cables will fray and stretch over time, causing the garage door to become out of alignment or cease to work.
  • Garage Door Opener: These machines are a must have for a homeowner, but over time parts can wear out. Oft times just putting new batteries in the transmitter will allow them to resume working flawlessly, but at times a repair or replacement is needed.

Torsion Spring

The most common problem with a garage door is the torsion spring. The spring becomes weak with age and makes it harder to raise your garage door. If this spring breaks completely, your car could even be stuck in the garage until making a repair. Repairing your door yourself may seem like a great idea, but Torsion springs can be dangerous. Many people have needed medical treatment when hit with that snapped spring. They can also cause damage to your garage or its contents. Spending a few dollars for a professional install is well worth it, saving you lots of time and money.


A broken or frayed cable can also cause your garage door to cease to work properly. You may notice your door is up slightly up on one side. This tilted door is probably due to a broken cable. Although you may not spot cable damage, you may experience issues such as the door not closing completely, becoming jammed, or many other occurrences. Replacing the cable is usually the only option in this instance, although it could also be the pulley or a bad torsion spring. A garage door specialist can save you money by spotting an easily repaired problem. Not only can you save money, but the wrong size cable or improper installation could cause the door to lower unexpectedly causing injury or damage to your property.

Garage Door Opener

While the usual culprit in the operation of your garage door is broken hardware, your garage door opener may cause headaches as it grows older. Transmitters commonly lose power due to bad batteries causing the door to malfunction. Also, the buttons on the transmitter can be depressed, either by pressing against something or by dust or debris causing the buttons to stick. Another common occurrence is the door closing and opening by itself. This can be caused by the close limit settings that let the garage door opener know how far to travel to close the door. If it is set too high, the door thinks that when it touches the ground, it has hit something and automatically opens to prevent damage. The manual for this particular model should help you to set the limits. If you have problems setting it yourself, it is inexpensive to have a garage door professional set it for you.

The convenience of a properly working garage door can save much time and effort. Problems can cause you to be late to work or could result in injury if left unrepaired. Calling a trained professional here in Marietta GA can prevent injuries and at times even save money on unnecessary repairs. Their trained eye can spot the problem and fix it quickly, creating a safe environment for your family. When a replacement is necessary, a highly trained technician can quickly determine the proper equipment to compliment your home.

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