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When you stop and think about it, you actually rely more on your garage door opener than what you might initially believe. For starters, you need it to bring your car in and out when arriving home and departing from work. You also are going to use the door in order to take out the trash in the morning, or even to gain easy access to the side of your house. Due to this, when the garage door doesn’t function properly, it can cause some problems with your day to day life. Many garage doors no longer have handles on the outside, so if the garage door fails to open, you are stuck trying to find a different way to open up the door. This can prevent you from backing your car out in the morning to having to take the trash out through your front door. All of these different issues can cause your home some serious problems, which is exactly why you need to know a bit about garage door opener repair in order to correct any sort of problem you might have.

The Motor

The most common issue when it comes to garage door opener repair Atlanta GA is the motor. As the motor is what brings the garage door up and down, this is also the area that is going to burn out the fastest, especially if there is every access weight hanging on the garage door when you open it and close it (such as a child hanging onto the door or your golf bag clinging onto the door when you tell it to open. If you hear a wiring sound come from the garage door, but it fails to open, it means there is probably a problem with the motor. Generally, you have to replace the garage door motor in order to correct the situation, but thankfully this is not something that is terribly expensive.

Squeaking Noises

Outside of this, the other most common problem is you hear a loud squeaking when the door opens. It might sound like metal rubbing against another piece of metal, or you might have other screeching sounds come from the door when it opens or closes. This means there is no lubrication on the door, which is going to cause the sound. You need to lubricate the door up with appropriate garaged door lubrication, which is going to ensure the tracks stay smooth and this reduces the grind of metal on metal. This way, the garage door can open and close properly and you don’t have to deal with any sort of major problems stemming off from this.

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Bent Railing

While not as often, you might have to deal with a bent garage door railing. This happens when the railing is bumped and is dented from the impact. When this happens, in order to perform the garage door opener repair, you need to straighten out the dent. You can use a soft rubber mallet in order to gently push the dent back into place. However, if this is something that simply is not fixing, it means you probably have to replace the piece of railing that is damaged. If you don’t, the metal is either not going to allow the door to open or close all the way, or it is going to eventually break off due to the inferior support of the equipment.

Garage Door Opener Repair Atlanta GA

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