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Spring Cleaning - garage doors Duluth GA
Spring cleanings is a really daunting task that is both dreaded and welcomed for many reason. Spring cleaning can be a long tedious process, but in the end it leaves you feeling refreshed and gets the clutter from the previous year under control. When spring cleaning, it may not be a good idea just to start somewhere and then do not stop until it’s complete. Although that may be tempting it is best to plan each portion of the spring cleaning process so that it does not become overwhelming after a long period of time and keeps everything organized.

Creating a checklist for the spring cleaning process is a good way to start. By checking off everything as it is completed, that will eliminate confusion and help things run a bit more smoothly. The checklist will need to have a sense of direction leading to the ultimate finished project. Make sure to have necessary supplies and equipment ready to use during the cleaning process so that there are not any delays, which can be very discouraging. Also, make sure necessary repairs are on the list items such as door knobs, light fixtures, or even garage doors. The garage doors that haven’t worked all year can be a priority and not a thought for the rest of the year.

Let’s start with a checklist for the kitchen area

  • Clean out the fridge and the pantry of food that may be out of date and organizing the rest of the food
  • Clean out the cabinets
  • Tidy up the dishes that aren’t used on a daily basis
  • Clean the kitchen surfaces
    • Mop the floor
    • Clean the counters
    • Backsplash
  • Clean baseboards and appliances

Next, let’s look at a checklist for the living room

  • Tidy the furniture and consider if any of the furniture needs to be replaces
  • Air out big furniture in the yard, mop, and/or vacuum
  • Clean the bedrooms
  • Clean the bathrooms and showers
  • Do laundry

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So what is your plan for spring cleaning? We suggest you set some steps in the process to help you accomplish the task efficiently and effectively.

1. The first thing to do when the spring cleaning starts is to tidy up the rooms. Go through each room and make sure that everything is in its rightful place and not scattered throughout the house.

2. Secondly, each room will need to be de-cluttered. Go through all of the room and separate items that are used regularly and necessary to keep, and the things that are only taking up room and able to be thrown away or given away.

3. After each of the room have been tidied up and de-cluttered it is now time to deep clean each room. Deep cleaning each room could include mopping floors, shampooing carpets washing walls, cleaning baseboards, and even doing laundry.

4. Lastly, and this may be done with at the end of the process or throughout the process is to air out the house. Open the windows and doors to let the natural breeze flow throughout the house in order to rid of odors naturally and all of the fumes from chemical products that may have been used to deep clean.

Have more ideas? Please share them in the comments below.

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