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Garage interiors can be so much more than just a drab attachment to your home. In fact, with just a tweek or two, and maybe a little help from friends with the promise of spirits or dinner afterwards, it can be transformed into the interior of your dreams. For those who feel the garage is all about the car, a finished garage provides endless opportunities for displaying your prized possession, from your own ultimate man-car cave, to your own car museum to your own car showroom that you can view from within the house!

Build Your Own In-Home Car Showroom

For those with an attached garage, a finished garage interior can provide the perfect showroom display for your baby. Sandstone walls and flooring, spot lights and floor to ceiling clear glass windows along the interior wall of the house, provides the perfect stage for viewing your sparkling masterpiece from inside the house. What an incredible view each time you pass by or while relaxing in the adjourning room!

Become the Curator of Your Own Car Museum

Are you obsessed with the beauty and rarity of antique, muscle or exotic cars? Why not transform your garage interior into your own antique, muscle or exotic car museum to enjoy whenevever you’d like? Not to mention, it’d make a great conversation piece when entertaining guests. Brick walls, large tile flooring, and antique pub lights and signs provide the perfect backdrop for reminiscing about the good old days, while mahogany walls, a granite service bar, track lighting, porcelain floors and a disappearing garage door provides the perfect gallery for your exotic car display.

Build the Ultimate Man-Car Cave

No sports hangout is complete without a picturesque view of your favorite car. Transform your garage interior into the ultimate man cave, with a little renovation and your car. Wood walls and floors, a wet bar, leather furniture, a flat screen TV and your prized possession parked just across from your lounge area, provides the perfect place to order pizza, watch the Superbowl and admire your car. If you want, save enough parking for your buddies to park and admire their cars as well.

Create Modern Appeal With Clear Garage Doors

Let your car collection be the focal point of your home. With clear garage doors you can transform your garage into your own car showroom, while still providing a barrier of protection. Or, if you love to restore cars, the clear doors provide a great way to showcase your work. The abundance of natural light along with white walls and floors, provides the same luxurious appeal as your favorite showroom.

Build Your Own Hemi Heaven

Do you find yourself enamored with Hemi engines? Transform your garage into the perfect racing garage to feature your Hemi engine display. White walls, red and black checkered RaceDeck garage flooring, wall mounted racing flags, ample garage storage cabinets and a tool chest provides the perfect setting to celebrate your love of speed and the powerful Hemi engine.

So you see, your unfinished garage is just screaming for the chance to be transformed into the space of your dreams. These are but a few of the ways your garage can provide the perfect display for your car. So the next time you’re staring at your lifeless garage thinking maybe you should turn it into a guestroom, bring it to life with one of these fun and exciting ideas instead!

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