The autumn months are the perfect time to inspect your garage doors to make sure they are ready for the winter season in Sandy Springs, GA. There are certain things that you can do to ensure your door not only operates properly but that it insulates and keeps the house warm. If you invest a little time on these garage door maintenance tips, you will save yourself money in the long run.

The Garage Door

The experts at All 4 Seasons Garage Doors suggest that you clean your garage door the same way you clean your vehicle. A bucket with soapy water and a sponge will get rid of dirt, debris and stains that have accumulated over the summer. To keep your garage door from fading due to the ultraviolet sunlight, you can apply a light coat of car wax. This will ensure your door looks new and lasts longer.

The Garage Door Opener

Check the garage door electric opener once a month to see if it needs any re-adjustments. Disconnect your garage door from the opener by pulling down on the release cord. Once the door is able to open close by hand, make sure it is balanced correctly. It must be balanced perfectly to ensure no cold air is getting under the door and into your home. If the door is not sitting correctly, you can contact the professionals at All 4 Seasons Garage Doors for your garage doors in Sandy Springs, GA. We specialize in garage doors, openers, repair, and have the experience to balance your door and ensure it is working safely. They understand that all residential garage doors since 1986 have security features that prevent the door from closing on anyone. The garage door must change direction if it comes in contact with an obstruction. The photo sensors and reversing sensors must be working properly to allow the door to stop and reverse.

The Garage Door Weather Seal

The best way to extend the life of the weather seal is to thoroughly wash it and rinse it. Lubricating the weather seal every few months is a great way to prevent it from cracking. Lubricants with silicone work best at protecting the seal.

Garage Door Rollers, Tracks and Springs

All the moving parts of the garage door should be inspected before winter sets in. Lubricate the rollers, the hinges and the tracks with motor oil at least once every few months. Once the area has enough oil, wipe off the excess with a clean cloth. The tension springs are one area that should be left to the professionals at All 4 Seasons Garage Doors because of the extreme risk of injury involved if the spring becomes detached. Those springs have an enormous amount of tension on them, and can cause serious injuries on someone trying to adjust or remove them. Always leave the springs and hoisting cables to your garage doors experts in Sandy Springs, GA.

The Garage Door Insulation

The garage used to be the place people stored their vehicles, but more and more homes are using this extra space for spare room, workshop, studio, and game rooms for the kids. The room deserves the same insulation as the rest of your home, but many garage doors lack the insulation to keep the warmth inside. The wood doors have no R-value and will not last as long as a metal or fiberglass door. The fiberglass doors are much more expensive and typically have an R-value of 14. The best doors for a garage are steel doors; they are strong, last very long and have a high insulation value. The weather in the Sandy Springs, GA area can fluctuate and get rather cold in the winter. You experts for garage doors in Sandy Springs, GA can help you choose just the right R-value for the insulation needed for your area and temperature range. The proper garage door can insulate your home better and lower your home heating bill significantly. Our expert garage door installers in Sandy Springs, GA can replace your old door or provide maintenance to your existing door so that you home is ready for the long winter season ahead.

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