Steel doors are some of those new generation garage doors Marietta GA residents prefer, often used as commercial garage doors. However, a number of new home owners are now opting for these sturdy steel doors for garages. These metal doors offer better durability than those traditional wood grain doors. Also, these doors come with minimum 10 years of warranty. Painting these doors may seem like very easy. However, you should follow a few basic steps if you want an impressive result, especially when painting garage steel doors.

1. How and what to clean

If you are repainting walls, then you need to first remove any paint from the surface of the steel doors in your garage. In case you are painting a new steel door, then start with basic cleaning. Use a low-pressure sprayer to clean the surface of the door first. You can use 1 cup of mild detergent with 5 gallons of warm water to make a cleaning solution. Spray the solution on the surface of metal doors and rinse well.

Allow the door to dry thoroughly before starting with the next step.

2. How to smooth the surface

After the surface dries, start with the next step. Now, use a sandpaper to smooth the surface in case there is any scratch on the door. Dust off the surface to remove any particles, residues, and metal substrates. In some doors, you can’t use the liquid cleaning spray. Instead, you need to opt for powdered cleanser. In this case, you don’t need to use sandpaper. The powdered cleanser will give the surface better paint adhesion.

3. Primer first!

Start by applying a layer of primer on the surface of the garage steel door. Focus on those areas, where you see scratches. As the primer coats the surface, it gives a base to the top-coat paint to adhere. Allow the primer to dry well before starting with the next step. You can use a basic paint primer or a corrosion resistant primer for protecting your steel door from corrosion and rusting. Primer coat will take a few hours to dry completely. You can leave the door overnight for best results.

4. The art of painting

It is very important to choose the right paint for your garage doors Marietta GA. And I don’t mean the color, which is important as well for curb appeal, but the type of paint. You will find a number of latex exterior paints for garage doors. If you don’t choose good quality paint, it will soon start to peel. Some brands now offer specialized paints for steel doors only. These latex-based paints stick well to the doors and give the surface a textured look. You may have to paint the door two to three times as steel doors sometimes need multiple coats to get good coverage. Use a good brush to paint your steel door. Remember that steel doors are not textured. Therefore, paints don’t stick to the surface that easily. Although you have used a base coat primer, you need to do multiple coats for a better finish.

Always start with the next coat after the first coat dries.

It will allow the paint to stick well on the door. Don’t overlap paints on the surface. Start from end to end for giving the door a good finish. Painted steel doors in your garages can change the look instantly. It is indeed one best way to change the look of your garage exteriors without even spending much on siding installation and new garage door installation.

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