When it comes to commercial garage doors, various factors need to be taken into account before choosing one that is perfect for a business. Basically, commercial garage doors Alpharetta GA can be divided into three types – sheet doors, rolling doors and sectional doors. All kinds of doors are extensions of these basic types.

Initial Cost

Rolling doors typically cost the most. The installation cost varies, depending on the material and size of the door. If the door is heavy, heavier equipment and tools would be needed and this further adds to the cost. Sectional doors are medium in the initial cost department. The application, components and door size determine how installation costs would tally up. Sheet doors cost the least as far as initial price and installation goes. They are simple to install and the components are pretty basic in nature.

Energy Efficiency

Sheet doors are typically made from mineral wood that is covered with a loose foil. This makes them the least energy efficient. The inside of the door is not protected from environmental factors. Rolling doors have foaming on the inside and outside and lack thermal break. The R value of the mineral wood is around 3 and generally, the door’s R value is up to 8.1. Sectional doors are the most energy efficient with R values reaching to 22.1. Energy tax credits can also be obtained on the basis of U value.

Maintenance Cost

In sheet doors, 24” sections are hemmed with each other and the components are similar to that of a rolling door. However, for repairs, the entire sheet of the door or the barrel has to be replaced. Sectional doors have a high cost of maintenance because of an abundance of moving components. With routine maintenance, the life of the door is increased and these components are fairly easy to get. Maintenance cost of rolling doors is cheapest since they require virtually no maintenance at all.


Durability is typically the best with rolling doors since these commercial garage doors include operators, guides, springs and curtains. The guides are made from heavy structural steel and the ball bearings are made keeping the weight and size of the door in mind. Components typically have a great safety factor in these doors. Sheet doors have the worst durability score because they are cheap. For medium durability, it is best to go with sectional doors.


Sheet doors are available in various colors and when it comes to paint warranty, they have the best options in the industry. These doors also have small windows. Rolling doors come in a variety of materials like steel and aluminum. The slats have perforations in them which improves appearance and circulation at the same time. The garage doors with best appearance, however, have to be sectional doors because of their flexible material choices, various colors and finishes, multiple options for external appearance and loads of window options. Many insulation materials are also available with these doors.


Sheet doors operate on torsion springs and the operator mechanism has to be used for balancing various areas of the door. These doors are not ideal if the force is going to be over 25 pounds. The doors use chain hoist and are pretty light. Rolling doors and sectional doors work on high cycle torsion springs and are easily configurable. The admissible force with rolling garage doors Alpharetta GA is the same as that of sheet doors. Sectional doors require less than 30 pounds of force and are typically well balanced.

Not every door is ideal for every business. After considering all these factors and balancing them against each other, a garage door type can be chosen.

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