Garage Doors and Interior remakes

A garage is a very spacious room that is used to house motor vehicles. The interior of a garage can be used for various purposes such as a work office, a storage unit among many other uses. As such it is important that the interior ought to be properly designed and maintained. There are various things one can do to increase the efficiency of the garage. These include adding shelves to the garage, painting, cleaning the garage and the garage doors, and remodeling among others. These will add glamour to the garage and facilitate more activities other than storing vehicles.

Shelves help to add the garage some extra storage space. The shelves also help in maintaining order in the garage. Shelves can help to utilize that space above the garage doors and other unused spaces. Installing shelves is not such a difficult task but one need to have the right tools as well as the technical know how so as to build sturdy shelves. In order to shelf the garage, the following tools are required: Hammer and nails, screw and a screw gun, saw, tape measure, stud finder, pencil, a ladder, long level and a chisel. The first step is to identify the measurements of the shelves. The measurements are determined by the kind of staff that will be stored. Then second step is to measure the vertical distance between the floor and the ceiling and divide it with the height of the tallest item being stored on that shelf. That will determine the number of shelves to put. The distance between the shelves can be different but should be able to accommodate the tallest item being stored. The third step is to mark both the vertical and horizontal line where the shelves will be then using a stud finder, identify the studs and place a level. Mark each stud and trace the vertical line using the level. This will help in identifying where to screw the boards.

When making the horizontal lines ensure that you accommodate for the width of the boards to be used as shelves. Using the desired measurements, you can order the right measurements of wood or cut them using the saw. Vertical posts as well as the horizontal posts are necessary. Then place the lumber over the horizontal line and tack it in using the screws or the nails or a combination of the two. Put up the vertical boards at the end of the horizontal board. The vertical posts should be a bit taller than the last horizontal board on the wall. The place the outer boards on each row. You can begin from the bottom in order to provide support to the board as you nail the board to the horizontal board on the wall. Then place a board or plywood that fit exactly into the post on the horizontal side of the wall and of the vertical poles. U can use these shelve to put tools, paint, cleaning material and others.

When all that activity of adding shelves is complete, the garage will need some thorough cleaning. In order to make the garage spotless begin by clearing out things from the garage. Thoroughly clean the floor and wipe the shelves. This can be done using a vacuum cleaner and other cleaning tools. When everything in the garage is clean you can return the items back. When returning the items, take time to arrange them on the shelves, and for the used items put them in a trash box. You can organize your items on the shelf depending on their function. This will enable you to easily locate items when you need them and it will also help keep the interior of the garage neatly organized.

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