Preventative measures to protect your Garage Doors Buckhead GA

Home break-ins seem to occur more frequently as more homeowners acquire more technological devices within their homes. Burglars are constantly casing out neighborhoods to decide who their next victim will be. Properly securing your home is important for protecting it and your family from the violation of being burglarized. Burglars will often focus on the weak points of a home to ensure a successful entry. Garage doors are often used to invade because once inside the garage, the criminal has a better chance of being undetected. Often times the burglars will use the garage as a means to transport items from the house into a waiting vehicle in the driveway. Most neighbors won’t notice anything suspicious because an open garage with a vehicle in the driveway is nothing out of the ordinary.

Take Precautions

To help secure your home always be aware of the exterior of your home and any weaknesses that your home may have. It may be best to invest in motion detection lights and a surveillance camera system. If the garage doors have windows it is best to cover the windows with curtains or shades to ensure no one can see inside. Frosting the glass may also be a great alternative to installing blinds.

Lock it up

It may also be a wise idea to have a steel door or solid wood door between the garage and your house to help protect your home if an intruder is able to get into your garage. Protecting that door with a deadbolt and having to use a key to enter will ensure no one will get through that door except the individuals who have a key. It is always best to be prepared for a situation that may never occur rather than being blindsided by an unexpected intruder.


Always remember to remove your automatic garage door remote from your car because burglars could easily break into your car and then move onto your home. Investing in a keychain remote will help keep the remote with your keys resulting in less chances of you forgetting it in your car. It is also best to keep your garage door closed and never leave it open for extended periods of time. Leaving it open will cause unwanted attention from criminals driving around casing out homes and their belongings.

Additional security

If you ever have to leave your home for an extended period of time it is always best to padlock the garage door so noone can get in, and enable the emergency latch system to help prevent the garage from opening. These are great security devices when you are away from home and even better if it is practiced daily. By doing these steps if a burglar does breaks into your home from another entry point they will not be able to escape from the garage or load things into a waiting vehicle without making multiple trips from another part of the home which makes it alot more suspicious to neighbors and passersby.

Adding cameras and motion lights as well as having all windows and doors secure will help prevent crime from happening to your home. Most criminals are looking for an easy target that they can get in and out of quickly. They do not want to be noticed or detected so most often if you have motion lights they will not want to be seen and avoid your home. This is a risk they most likely will not want to take.

The easier and faster it is to get into the home the longer they have to ransack and steal things from inside.

Being able to install motion sensor lights, security cameras, extra locks and burglar bars are just some of the things you can do to protect your home from an intruder. We all cherish our homes and would never wish a burglary on anyone. However, some people are oblivious to the fact that an intruder could break into their home. Having an invincibility mentality will keep them thinking they are protected no matter what, but when they least expect it there are chances they will get robbed. It is always best to be prepared and do everything you can to deter the criminals away from your home while making it extremely difficult for them to get in if they do choose to invade your home.

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