When a homeowner is about to sell their home, they should consider how the home looks to home buyers. Even a perfectly solid home with no needed repairs might not sell unless it’s aesthetically appealing to a buyer. The buyer must feel at home. They must picture themselves living there.

Have you ever walked into a home that seemed perfect? Everything was in its place. The decor perfectly matched and everything had a purpose. That home was probably staged to be presented in the best light possible. Some tips are common sense and others might seem inconsequential, but they all matter to dressing the home properly to appeal to home buyers.

Welcoming from the Start
The entryway is the first impression. If it’s dark, drab or dirty, it will leave a bad taste in a buyer’s mouth. That effect will linger through the rest of the home, no matter how beautiful it might be. A new door or a splash of paint can do wonders for an entryway. The home must have curb appeal. Consider a few potted plants for color too.

Garage Doors
The garage doors are an often overlooked part of the curb appeal. There are many places to buy beautiful garage doors in Atlanta GA that will uplift the front of the home. New garage doors from All 4 Seasons in Atlanta GA could be the only thing you need to add to the front of the home, and it would have a dramatic impact.

Clutter Clean Up
The clutter inside the home might be homey and comfortable to you, but to buyers, it’s a complete turn off. If they see piles of books, dusty or dirty areas cluttered with toys and papers, they won’t be able to see themselves living in the home. You want to take the buyer into his or her imagination where they could mentally put their own items. If the home is cluttered, they have no room for their imagination.

Store Items
Be unforgiving about tossing and trashing the clutter. If you can’t bear to part with your clutter, store it in a storage unit. You can move it to your new home later. The home might seem overly bare after the clutter is gone, but that’s perfectly fine. It helps the buyer imagine themselves in the space. If the buyer sees open space where they can mentally add their personal clutter, this will be a benefit to you, the seller, in the long run.

Fantasy Spaces
Homeowners might not understand all the space they actually have in their home unless they stand back with a critical eye and examine it. People get into a rut when it comes to their home. They rarely move things around too much, so they can’t open their imagination to the possibilities within their home. With the addition of a chair and a lamp, an unused corner can be repurposed into a reading nook. That spare room used for storage could be an art studio or a meditation room. The possibilities are endless!

Walk through the home with a buyer’s eye. Imagine how you would like to see it. Remember that curb appeal is the first impression that buyers will get. Spruce the front with paint, color and even new garage doors from All 4 Seasons Garage Doors who specialize in garage doors. Clean the inside and reimagine empty or misused rooms. This might seem stressful at first, but once you begin to see the results, it will be worth everything.

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