All Four Seasons Garage Door Repair Woodstock GA- Famous brand names

Providing comfort and stability for the home environment is always a top priority for home owners and renters alike. The same is true for your car, after a long day of driving, it’s nice to provide a protected area for your vehicle to avoid harsh outdoor conditions or potential vandals. A custom built garage door delivers on creating a fresh look for any home, along with essential safety and security measures.

This article covers a range of garage door manufacturers and the products/accessories they have to offer, providing a wide range of choices for home owners wishing to upgrade their existing systems.


Amarr’s reputable history delivers on sturdy and contemporary design for all types of properties. Established in 1951, Amarr has become one of the world’s leading garage door manufacturers, with nation-wide distribution and establishments. Amarr offers doors for warehouses, residential properties, condominiums, shopping centers and industrial zones.

Their impressive range of products delivers options such as classic hillcrest designs, heavy-duty heritage steel doors and traditional garage doors with various panel designs available. Amarr’s range of modern and old school aesthetics makes them accessible and affordable for many consumers, one of many reasons they continue to dominate the property market today

Wayne Dalton

Wayne Dalton Garage Doors was established in 1954 in Holmes County. Situated seventy miles south of Cleveland County, this region was heavily comprised of craftsman, cabinetmakers and local designers. This influence of like-minded creative people helped kick-start Wayne Dalton’s successful manufacturing facility, which caters towards providing innovative ideas and excellent industry standards.

Dalton’s range of product varies from classic wood design, contemporary aluminum, steel and even vinyl. Their natural wood range collection displays proficient craftsmanship and sophistication. With the option to custom design your garage door catered towards your home’s architectural design, Dalton offers a range of wood types and palettes to suit any living environment.

Raynor Garage Doors

Raynor is a well-established and reputable business that takes architectural garage door design into the 21st century. Regarded for their honest business approach and high standards of excellence, Raynor is a wise choice for consumers looking to upgrade.

Raynor offers an impressive range of products to choose from, including traditional and contemporary designs, wind load systems designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, Steel Polyurethane doors and custom ranges as well.

Raynor’s Distinction Series sets them apart from the competition, with maintenance-free design and environmentally efficient materials to choose from. Their attention to detail sets a very high standard for others to match.

CHI Garage Doors

CHI continue to stay ahead of the game, with their commitment to exceptional quality, craftsmanship and affordability. Their dedication to honoring tradition and heritage values remains true to this day.

For those seeking refined depth and definition to their home display, CHI’s Raised Panel series provides recessed edges, which will surely impress guests and family’s visiting. Their Flush panel series delivers a contemporary look, with bold white designs that shimmer with plain elegance. The exciting new Accent Planks range guarantees a beautiful and versatile look to any home, blending modern and traditional aesthetics into one incredible design.

Liftmaster Garage Door openers

Liftmaster Electronic are the masters when it comes to garage door openers and installations. Their versatile range of sliders, motors, belt drives and motorized swing gates, delivers and exceptional selection of product to choose from. Liftmaster caters towards every customers technical requirements to deliver seamless operation of their garage door.

Chamberlain Garage Door openers

Chamberlain’s long history and consistent quality products makes them one of the leading manufacturers of automatic garage door openers. With an impressive range of PowerLift operators, deluxe HandyLifts and sectional door openers, Chamberlain offers ultra-quiet operation of your garage door, with a guaranteed 5 year warranty and advanced remote control technology.

These products and service provides an overview on the range of companies operating in the garage door industry. Delivering convenient and secure installation on all garage doors and remote devices, these providers are leading the way in innovation and creativity for architectural design!

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