Automatic garage doors are so convenient and easy to operate that they have become the most popular type for new homes and replacement garage door projects. It pays to remember that a garage door is generally the single heaviest item which is capable of movement in any home. This gives it a great potential to cause accident, injury or death if it is in poor repair, has been damaged in some way, or is misused in any way. A garage door can be particularly dangerous to children. Here are some great tips for garage door safety.

1. Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is as fascinating to small children as any remote control or cell phone. However, they come with far more danger than either of these remote devices. It is possible for a small child to stand directly beneath the path of the door, push the button and suffer serious injuries. Such devices are not toys and should be kept out of the reach of children.

2. Push Button Wall Controls

Many of these doors include push button wall control features, either as the primary method for raising and lowering the garage door, or a supplement to the remote electronic opener. These buttons should always be located at 5 feet or higher, where small children cannot reach them.

3. Moving Garage Door

Never try to beat the odds by dipping beneath the doors when they are lowering. Many crushing injuries have occurred this way.

4. Fingers and Hands

Never touch the garage door when it is in motion. Fingers can be mashed and broken when the sections separate and close during operation. Fingers and hands can even be lost if they are crushed between the door and the tracks. It’s not worth risking.

5. Electricity

An automatic garage door operates on electrical current. Keep an eye on the wiring to make sure it does not sag and the insulation covering the wires is in good repair. Do not attempt to repair electrical parts alone, call a certified technician to perform any garage door repair on electrical parts.

6. Springs and Cables

All garage doors are raised and lowered by a system of springs and cables. These springs and cables have are under extreme tension in order to keep the garage door balanced and working efficiently. Never tamper with or attempt to repair these items alone. They have the capacity to cause as much damage as a projectile fired from a weapon. A technician should be called to perform necessary garage door repair or adjustment.

7. Reversing Mechanism

Regularly check to make sure this feature is operating correctly. To test it, place a board underneath the path of the door and then lower it. If it is operating properly the door will automatically reverse as soon as contact is made with the object.

8. Photoelectric Eyes

A great accessory is a photoelectric eye. This device is mounted a few inches from the floor of the garage and produces a light beam which shoots across the path where the door closes. If anything breaks the beam of light, the garage door will immediately stop moving.

9. Accidental Garage Door Damage

Believe it or not, garage doors are often impacted by automobiles accidentally. They can also sustain damage from storms. When you know that something has hit the garage door from outside or inside, call a technician to inspect it before using it again. Any mild to severe jolt can cause misalignment and damage to the door or its operating system which can prevent it from opening or closing properly.

10. Regular Maintenance

Just like any other part of your home, your garage door needs regular maintenance and inspection. Inspect it visually yourself on a regular basis, and have a professional inspection performed at least once per year to make sure everything remains in optimum condition.

The door of a garage, just like any other moving object, should be considered and treated in a manner which always puts safety first. Not only do you want to protect your automobile from damage, but also the people in your life from injury.

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