Are you so sick and tired of your noisy garage door? Your bothersome garage door may not endear you to other family members or your neighbors, especially if your workday starts early.

Luckily, you can silence a lot of garage doors with a few slight repairs and regular checks. You can even do some of these repairs and tests by yourself.

Here are just a few suggestions for quieting that bothersome garage door.

Replace Your Noisy Garage Door Rollers

First, try and inspect the rollers. Open and shut your garage door while you watch the rollers. The rollers could act as the cause of the noise.

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Some rollers got made from nylon and others from metal. If the rollers get worn down, it can cause them to make noise. If your garage door rollers seem worn, you should get them replaced. If the rollers appear to work as they should, then you might just need to lubricate them.

If you do need to replace your rollers, exchange your metal rollers for those of the nylon variety. Nylon rollers run more quietly. You don’t want to turn this into a garage DIY project. Instead, call your neighborhood garage repair technician to change the rollers.

Tighten Up the Nuts & Bolts

Retighten any garage door nuts and bolts with a wrench or socket set. You may have loosened the screws as you operated the garage door. Once you tighten the screws, the noise may disappear altogether.


Hinges can get worn over time. The roller stem wears down, which can cause things to get a bit noisy in your garage. Inspect your hinges and move them from one side to the other. If everything seems fine, just lubricate those parts.


You have two types of garage door springs. You can find extension springs on top of the upper tracks on either side of your garage door. Locate torsion springs above your garage door when it’s closed. Torsion springs should get treated with kid gloves as they operate under extremely high tension. If you find that any of these springs have broken, contact your garage repair specialists right away.

Large Amounts of Noise

If you have a concrete garage, you may have a noisy garage door even if it’s working as it should. The opening and closing sounds should reverberate all throughout your garage and also your home. One garage DIY hack that you could do yourself is insulating the parts holding up the tracks with rubber. Doing this one task can drastically reduce the amount of noise your garage door makes.

Garage Door Opener

Examine the tension of your garage door’s trolley system. This includes the belt and chain drive. Is this mechanism loose? Take a look at your garage door opener manual. If you still don’t have your printed copy, search for a copy on the Internet.

You might also need to lubricate the rolling mechanism. Depending on what type of garage door opener you have, you can apply white grease to individual parts. If you possess a chain drive system, you will need a metal lubricant. If your trolley mechanism is a belt drive, don’t use either grease or oil on it.

Stress-free Noisy Garage Door Solution

As a busy professional or parent, you may not have time to check out what is going on with your noisy garage door. Let the experts in garage door maintenance and repair see what is going on with your garage door. Our technicians will come to your home, fix the problem, and get out of your way before you even notice our presence.