There’s nothing more convenient than a garage. Not only has it been a handy storage area for the auto for over a century, it just keeps improving and becoming more convenient to use over time, as well.

Take the garage door itself, for example. There was a time when we had to push, yank, and wrestle it open and closed, all while having to worry if it was going to come crashing down on one’s head or fingers.

Now, the door glides effortlessly along a track. In most modern garages, this is achieved through electricity and just the push of a button. Sounds great, right? But what if one day this system fails you and you need garage door repair?

Metal tracks

The first things you should examine are the metal tracks on both sides of the actual door that it moves along. Are the tracks themselves pulling out of their brackets and need to be screwed back in? Do you see any rust or other matter clogging the tracks which should then be scoured out? Are there any small dents or “dings” in the track? Hammer them out with a small mallet or hammer.


As you perform these repairs, be mindful that you do nothing to misalign the door track. In fact, could this have been the problem all along? Check your horizontal and vertical sections of track with a level. Horizontal sections slant downward slightly, while vertical sections are precisely plumb. Both types of sections should be at the same level on the garage wall. If you find track misalignment, loosen all fasteners, but do not completely remove the track. Instead, using a level, very gently tap the track back into position. Retighten all fasteners.


Plain old dirt often forces one into having to make a garage door repair Marietta GA. The design of garage tracks draw dirt like a magnet. This problem is often solved with a good basic cleaning solvent. Make sure that you completely dry the track area as well. In fact, rather than wait until there’s a problem, periodic track cleaning should be part of your monthly household maintenance schedule. In doing this, not only will you prevent large track clogs, you may be able to see and correct other door issues before they become a problem.


Remember the poem about how a nail lost from a horseshoe caused an entire war to be lost? Well, no horseshoes are used in operating garage doors, of course, but a lot of garage door repair is needed as a result of missing hardware, such as screws. Roll up garage doors operate on hinges, and it is not uncommon for the hinges’ screws to loosen, or to fall out altogether, because of hole enlargement over time. First check the hinges and tighten any loose screws. If the hinge hole has enlarged, narrow the hole with a hollow fiber plug, then replace the screw. If wood is cracking near the hinge, relocate the hinge. For a swing out door, which operates with a plate and spring system, check the plate’s screws, and tighten, if needed. Because of spring tension, you should not attempt to remove or replace the plates by yourself.

And if any damage appears severe, professional servicing should be done to protect both yourself and the door. Call All 4 Seasons Garage Doors at 678-981-8454. We offer 24/7 emergency service and are also home of the $20 Service Call – cheapest in town!

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