Garage Door Maintenance Milton GA

Garage doors are mechanical feats of engineering which naturally, over time, will break down. It doesn’t matter how well designed they are, certain components do eventually wear out; that’s just how it is. Entropy has that effect on all matter. It makes sense to be careful around garage doors, and keep an eye out for signs indicating you may need some refurbishment or replacement.

A great indicator, first and foremost, is time. The longer you’ve had a garage door without servicing it, the more likely it is certain elements have become stressed and may require replacement. Thirty years is an average lifespan. Average, meaning: in the middle. If you use your garage more than the average bear, this lifespan will naturally be shorter. If it’s hardly ever opened at all, it may be longer–keep in mind disuse doesn’t preclude any apparatus from that dastardly force called “entropy”, however. Components will still break down over time, and in fact fall apart more quickly without use. Insects and rodents are likely to get into the workings, that sort of thing.

So it’s important, if you use your garage door with average frequency, to be aware of hazards which naturally accrue over time. Cables under tension, for example. Not all garage doors use cables to lift the door, many do. Sometimes there’s a chain apparatus that looks like the Godzilla version of the oiled up one on your bike. Links can fail and the door can fall. Or, cables can snap and injure someone collaterally. On that note, depending on the age and use of your garage door, you should be cognizant of children in the area. Many modern garage doors have protective carapaces enshrouding their cables or chains. Many don’t. Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a means by which that system can be protected. This has the dual purpose of keeping the system in working order, and keeping you and your family safe.

Also, what kind of garage door do you have? Is there space between section joints? Consider this: kids like to put their fingers exactly where they should not. There are over 7,500 pinch/crush injuries from section joints in garage doors every year. Whether or not your garage door is new or old, keep the kids away from it while it opens or closes. That, or educate them enough so they don’t hurt themselves and give you gray hair. In stark contrast, only about 2,000 injuries a year come from falling doors. And while a falling door may hurt you, bruise you, perhaps break a few ribs, it’s less likely to cut somebody bodily in half. Meanwhile, getting a finger caught in a section joint? That could be the end of that finger.

Do It Yourself injuries, where a handyman makes a mistake and pays for it, only account for about 1600 injuries a year; but that’s still a big enough number to make professional outsourcing a more suitable solution. You know, on average, sharks only injure a couple dozen people a year. Maybe you should be more afraid of your garage than Jaws!

For these reasons and many more it is integral to maintain your garage, and to use professionals which deftly understand the exigencies that accompany garage door repair. It doesn’t matter how mechanically inclined a person is; they’re still a human being–and here’s the thing: human beings are prone to mistakes. But the person who ice skates for a living isn’t going to slip as much as a first-timer, and a professional garage door expert here in Milton GA knows how to safely maintain your garage.

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