An excellent reason for having a patio is to provide a place to get away from the house right in your own yard. It can be large enough to host a family reunion or small enough for a cozy conversation with a friend. Designs are frequently limited by available space, building codes, and budgets. There is never a need to settle for so-so results when you can have subtle or stunning instead! Put your thinking cap on and use some or all of these ideas as inspiration, brought to you by your garage doors Marietta GA experts.

Shape, Size, and Ground Cover

Base your design on a square, rectangular, or circular shape and the approximate size you want. Calculate the cost of different types of preferred ground covering, such as brick, cement, pavers, and colored rock. Bare ground is not an option because it gets muddy when wet and dusty when dry. Avoid lawns in the seating and table area because the legs of the furniture tear up the roots. In addition, everything must be moved on mowing day. Then determine the material’s cost, including labor to have it put down if you will not be doing it yourself. Colored rock is economical and beautiful.

Develop the impression of spaciousness with low budget flowers and shrubs placed in 5-gallon plastic buckets placed around the outer edge of the boundary. Decorate the buckets with adhesive-backed covering, available in a variety of designs and patterns. Choose colors that complement the color of your home. Pick up some realistic-looking plastic or silk plants and flowers when they are on sale. Save money because there is no water or maintenance requirements for these faux plants, which frequently last three or more years before fading.

Leave a foot-wide gap to the lawn so it can be safely mowed without hitting the latest addition to the yard. Decorate the area with a staggered pattern of stones or bricks. Leave space in between this personally designed walkway.


Place a rattan shelf on the exterior wall of the house to hold unbreakable knick-knacks and magazines to look through when relaxing. Set up a birdbath at one of the edges. Add assorted rubber duckies to enhance the cheerful look.

Add economical shade to any open air patio by filling a 5-gallon bucket with heavy rocks covered with sand. Drape a small piece of fishnet with attached seashells around the outside. Place a beach umbrella with an easy open and close handle in the bucket and anchor it down. Provide instant shade whenever it is needed.


Aluminum is less expensive than natural materials like wrought iron and wood. Plastic, the ideal solution for budget furniture, is sometimes less than half the cost of aluminum accessories. A 4-seat plastic folding picnic table is available in colors like green and blue. Molded plastic designs are detailed to look like wood, wicker, and wrought iron. Both of these options are lightweight and easy to move. Three disadvantages are inability to withstand the wind, short lives and weight restrictions. This viable solution for a patio design on a budget is easy to upgrade in the future.

Please share YOUR ideas with us in the comments below! We’d love to hear them! After all, we’re not just about garage doors Marietta GA. At All Four Seasons Garage Doors, we love to find ways to increase curb appeal, add functionality, security, and comfort at an affordable price for your home.

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