Top Five Safety Tips for Garage Door Owners

By All Four Seasons Garage Door Maintenance Canton, GA

Becoming a homeowner is both one of the greatest joys and greatest responsibilities in a person’s life. A home brings a sense of safety, security, and confidence in the future which is almost unimaginable beforehand. But at the same time one takes on a responsibility to actually keep the home as safe as possible. Most people are aware of some of the more common dangers such as neglecting to use ladders when they’re called for. But what many people aren’t aware of is that some of the greatest dangers come from commonplace objects. And in particular, garage doors can be dangerous when not used properly. But by keeping five safety tips in mind a garage door will offer security rather than danger to a home.

1. Think of the Children

Always keep children in mind. One of the recurring themes about garage door safety will be how it relates to children. Garage doors can pose a danger to adults, but these are usually in cases of abnormal use, damage or repair. Children can be injured by garage doors in far more common situations. While many of the tips relate to child safety, it’s important to simply consider the smallest members of the family in every situation. The most important thing about having both a garage door and children is to always be somewhat alert as to how they relate to it. Be sure to teach kids that opening and closing a garage door is something for the grownups.

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2. Safe Switches

Make sure any garage door switches are in a safe location. It’s fairly common for the mounted garage door opener to be located in inadvisable places. A garage door button or switch should always be located above where a child might decide to play with it. Given the weight of a garage door and kids love of playing with everything this can make for a very bad combination. Instead ensure that the switch is located above the reach of anyone under 12. It should also be located in an area where one won’t accidently press it. It’s not at all uncommon for people burdened by groceries or in the process of moving things to the garage to accidentally close a garage door.

3. Don’t make it Worse

Call for professional help when needed. We live in a world where people have more and more information about how to troubleshoot problems. This can be a great help in many aspects of life. But at the same time it can be a huge danger when people get into projects that require specialty knowledge and equipment. Modern day garage doors use extremely powerful spring systems. This means that it both requires special equipment to fix, and that it can cause injury if done incorrectly. Because of this it’s vital that if anything seems to be wrong with a garage door that the specialists are called in to work on it.

4. Maintain

Get regular maintenance. People often forget just how much stress a garage door opener is under. But a garage door can be expected to weigh somewhere between 240 – 360 lbs. And every time a garage door is opened the garage door opener needs to heft that considerable weight. Also, the summer weather here in Canton can be tough on seals, lubrication and springs. These are going to take a toll on any mechanical system, mo matter how well designed. Eventually it can cause the garage door opener to break. And this, in turn, can end up causing injury. That’s why it’s always a good idea to schedule regular maintenance on a garage door. The absolute idea would be to have someone come in on an annual basis to just take a look at the mechanism and do a little preventative maintenance to take care of issues before they become a serious problem.

5. Keep Pets Away

Watch out for pets. Pets are both more and less in danger from garage doors than children. Pets are far less likely to accidently trigger a garage door. But at the same time they’re far more likely to find themselves sitting under one when someone decides to close it. It’s very important to train dogs and cats to avoid the area of a garage door.

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