Give Them a Tune Up

The beautiful garage doors that mark the nice neighborhoods in our suburban and better urban homes are much more than a beautiful home accessory. They are a safety device that provides protection from those that do harm, burglars, and even insects, vermin and reptiles. Because of this, garage doors must be kept at peak performance. This means that certain maintenance operations and tune-ups have to be performed on all parts of the garage door system to make sure that this safety device performs when it is most necessary. In essence, these doors have become a second front door. We use them for security, to personalize homes and to give some notice of the inhabitants inside.

Eliminate Noise

In some cases, this door is the largest moving part in any home. Because of this, the proper maintenance is necessary to also mitigate the necessity to replace an entire door. Some maintenance issues involve quieting doors or squeaky parts, but this noise signifies that the door is not functioning properly and is not merely an inconvenient sound. When doors are noisy, maintenance should be done shortly thereafter. Lubricating the many moveable parts of the door will alleviate some of the noise and the underlying causes.

This means that these parts will last longer and not incur the wear that gliding metal parts without lubrication cause. To lubricate the parts of the door, it is best to use a lithium or silicone spray. However, tracks, springs, chain and chain rails should be avoided. Metal rollers with ball bearings, stems, hinges, arm bars and nubs should all be lubricated on a regular schedule. In addition, the track should be cleaned without the use of any lubricant. Noise in the track means that cleaning is necessary and possibly some realigning, but using lubricate will cause particulate to build in the track and eventually disrupt the function. A stiff broom or an industrial vacuum can clear the track of any debris that forms.

Weather Seals

The weather seals on the door should always be checked and replaced as necessary. This seal keeps prevents moisture and the element form entering the garage, but it also keeps pests at bay. A door without a seal can allow insects and the animals that feed on insects to enter the home. To prevent snakes, vermin, insects and any other problems from entering the garage, the seals should be maintained at all times. Because the seals impact the ground, they are prone to breakages and wearing. However, the seals will eliminate any problems with pests and also allow the door to impact the ground in a cushioned, level manner.

Check Your Sensors

Often, doors will not close completely or will stop unexpectedly. This is often caused by sensors that have been knocked from their alignments. This means that the system will not function properly. The sensors are safety devices that prevent the door from crushing anything in its path. When the door is not functioning properly and there are no blockages, the sensors often need realigning. When there are blockages or missing alignments, the light on the sensor will blink. When the blockages are clear and alignment is proper, the light will shine solid. The sensors are easily realigned and will indicate this fact with a solid light. Before sensors, garage doors could be dangerous, therefore, it is important that they function properly.

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