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Is an Attic Conversion Right for Your Home?

Many Hiram homeowners are looking for ways to maximize their existing floor space so they can avoid remodeling or moving. Converting the garage into an interior room is one option, but if your home has an attic, converting it and keeping your garage to house your car may be the better option. Take a long look at your attic space and ask these questions to determine if an attic conversion is right for your home. Or, perhaps your garage has some headroom you could turn into a nice playspace or walk-up storage area.

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Is There Room for a Staircase?

Finding space for a permanent staircase may not be as easy as it sounds. The location requires about 60 square feet of main floor living space and it must meet building codes. And don’t forget to factor in the expense of building a proper staircase when setting the attic renovation budget.

Is the Ceiling High Enough?

The ceiling height of the attic will be limited to the height and slope of the existing roof rafters, unless you plan to make major changes in the roof framing. Adding dormers to the roof can increase the ceiling height along the perimeter and bring more light into the attic space.

There also needs to be enough ceiling height to add adequate insulation and venting so the attic will be an energy efficient addition to the house.

The entire attic does not have to be converted and that could minimize the need to change the roof line plus cut costs. If the ceiling is high enough in the center of the attic, consider walling off the sloping sides and just convert the central portion of the space. Windows can be placed on each end for natural lighting and ventilation and the roof line will remain the same.

Is the Floor Strong Enough?

Find out if the floor joists in the attic are strong enough to handle the extra weight of an upgraded attic or if reinforcement will be needed. Keep in mind that reinforcing the floor frame with 2 x 12’s (standard size floor joists) will reduce the head space of the attic, which could be an issue when head space is already low.

How Will the Space be Lighted?

How much natural light does the attic receive now and where will future lighting come from? Dormers, skylights and/or windows? Natural ventilation is needed for the attic conversion too. Adding windows to the outside walls will be the least expensive way to bring in both natural light and ventilation.

Heating and Cooling

Attics tend to be hotter in the summer, especially in Hriam and suburban Atlanta, and colder in the winter than the rest of the house, even with extra insulation. A converted attic will require its own cooling and heating system. That will entail added wiring, ductwork, thermostat and whatever else the building code may require. And don’t forget about room for, and cost of, plumbing if the attic will house its own bathroom.

Ask a Pro

Converting an attic into usable floor space is often the least expensive way to add square footage to your home, however, not all attics are created equal. There are a number of potential problems which could arise and turn your renovation dream into a renovation nightmare. Consult with a remodeling professional (with a few attic conversions under their tool belt) and ask these questions to determine if upgrading your home’s attic into usable floor space is a feasible option.

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