For many people, the most important investment they will ever make will be their home. Home owners enjoy the benefits of long-term stability, tax incentives, and the emotional value of knowing that they own their own home. Because of the significant financial investment, however, it is important for owners and buyers alike to be mindful of ways to increase their home’s value. When it is time to sell, homeowners want to make a profit with a higher sale price than they spent on the purchase and improvements of the home.

New vs. Renovated

To make a savvy, high-return investment in your existing home, consider the price of improvements and what those improvements will bring as a return on investment. Many people know that a new, high quality kitchen will “sell” a house. However, it isn’t always necessary to install a completely new kitchen in order to increase return on your real estate investment. A revamped kitchen can have the same impact as a new kitchen. Instead of installing new cabinets, for example, consider having the existing cabinet fronts resurfaced by either sanding or painting them. Another way to give an instant lift to kitchen cabinets is to install new hardware on the hinges, joints, knobs, and pulls. If your kitchen cabinets are fine, but your kitchen still appears dingy or dated, installing new countertops will give a new feel to the whole kitchen. While granite remains the favorite countertop for increasing your home’s value, other solid surfaces have come to market in recent years that will have the same visual impact for a smaller investment.

New Windows

New windows can also add instant value to your home. New windows give a lift to the exterior of the home, adding appeal and an appearance of newness to the home’s exterior. Buyers also know that quality windows can reduce the outflow of heat, and can help reduce cooling bills as well. A tight fit on the seal means lower energy costs year round.

Bathroom Upgrades

Buyers today also want upgraded bathrooms, and will pay a premium for a shower that is separate from the bathtub. If you can’t afford to change the plumbing, a less expensive way to improve your bathroom is to change the faucets and tile, or simply re-grout the existing tile. For relatively little money, installing new tile, grout, and bathroom fixtures can upgrade an old bathroom and make it appear new.

Exterior Curb Appeal

While these improvements on the inside of your home will improve the return on your investment, the outside of your home is extremely important for attracting buyers and getting them to come into the home in the first place. Consider how many prospective buyers will fail to request a showing at all due to poor curb appeal. Stylish new garage doors Canton GA are the most economical way to improve the curb appeal of any home and will make more difference in attracting home showings than any other exterior improvement. High quality garage doors Canton GA tell prospective buyers about the quality of the craftsmanship and materials on the inside and outside of the home.

For the best return on your real estate investment, take an honest appraisal of the looks of your home from the street. If your home needs a lift, but you cannot afford to re-surface the home’s exterior, installing new appointments such as a new mailbox, new lettering or numbering, and a new front door will also provide instant appeal at a fraction of the cost.

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