Are you searching for a new garage door for your home? If your garage door has been shaking, squeaking or doesn’t work correctly, it might be time to get a new garage door. Garage doors are not designed as a one size fits all and it’s important to think about what your garage door requires before you can purchase and install one. Once a garage door is installed, it will be an essential part of your house for years and this is why you have to make an informed decision. SO we have you covered. We are here to make sure you are fully informed before you take the plunge and purchase a new garage door.

Garage door designs and styles

Because your garage door is a vital part of a home’s exterior, its design and style will need to complement your home’s style. Make sure you take some time to look through different garage door selections and check for design and style options that are suitable for your home. For instance, a carriage style garage door gives a home the farmhouse look; a contemporary glass or aluminum door offers a dramatic modern complement to the exterior looks of your modern home. Will raised panel or no panel look best on your home. The only way to know is to do research. You can start with our garage door builder where you can look through all of our door types and see which ones you like. When your done building your garage door, try your choices on your home. Take the doors you like for a spin with a photo of your home. We want you to purchase with confidence.

Garage door windows

Have you thought about putting windows in your garage door? Windows undoubtedly take a garage door to the next level. Other than enhancing your home’s beauty and curb appeal, windows allow natural light into the garage. They can easily transform your gloomy garage into a new welcoming space. If you are in a cold weather area or worry about cold weather, no fear double-paned windows can provide a solution that will let the sunshine in and keep the cold out.

Price ranges

Every house has its own character so this needs to be highlighted with a perfect new garage door. The type of door you choose will help you accomplish this and we have many options based on your price point. There are different door styles on the market like aluminum, steel, wood, and composite wood. Each style comes at a different cost. Evaluate each style and see the exact door that fits your budget. We have collected the price range of some garage doors available.

  • Steel garage door –these doors provide a wide range of price, insulation and color options. Steel doors come in a wide variety to include a simple, single-layer, non-insulated door to a premium 3-layer, polyurethane insulated door. Standard costs for a standard 6×7 double door can be as low as $750-$1000.
  • Composite wood doors – are made of a durable and low maintenance material that resembles real wood. Composite wood eliminates many drawbacks of natural material. Because it’s moisture resistant, it will not shrink, split, crack or separate. Usually, it’s insulated and can be painted. A 6×7 double door can cost up to $2,500.
  • Aluminum garage door –aluminum doors are rust resistant, a trait that makes them suitable for humid, caustic environments. For a modern look replace the solid panels with frosted glass. An average cost for a 6×7 double door is around $2000
  • Wood garage door –nothing substitutes the distinctive appearance of wood. Wooden doors are typically made using moisture-resistant cedar, cypress or redwood, and provide more flexibility when it comes to designs. These doors require more maintenance depending on the exposure and climate. A 6×7 double door made using quality wood can cost up to $4000-$5000.


Security is important when it comes to your garage door. Your garage door secures all of your important items and choosing an opener can be an important task. One choice would be to equip your garage door with an opener that is equipped with the rolling-code security. This feature changes the security code every time the remote is used hence preventing unwanted people from stealing the opener code and keeps your garage more secure.


While some doors might have little to no upkeep until they need replacing, others might require yearly upkeep to the material to keep it looking nice. You need to consider the upkeep expenses when choosing your garage door material. Wood doors look stunning but they require staining or painting after a few years. Steel doors require occasional maintenance and cleaning. The only door that requires low maintenance is an aluminum door. Many of our customers start with a glimpse of how a new door will look on their home- see the graphic for more. Call All Four Seasons Garage Doors any time to talk to one of our friendly staff in Atlanta at 678-981-8454 and in Nashville at 678-472-6531.

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