Selling your house can be a long and complicated process. With that being said, there are a few thins that need to be done when putting your house up for sale. A lot of people tend to put their house on the market before taking into consideration the following tasks. This makes it a lot more difficult for them to sell their house. It’s important to be prepared. Luckily, this list will ensure that you do everything that needs to be done before you put your home up for sale.

Do a Home Inspection

You may think it’s up to the buyer to do a home inspection. That’s only partly true. You want to ensure that you know where the problem areas are as well. You want to know if there’s an issue with your garage doors. If it’s something that’s going to need immediate attention, you can repair it as soon as possible. This ensures that your home is capable of being sold. If it’s something that’s a bit more minor, it’s important to inform all potential buyers of what the problem is. If you don’t know and they find it out themselves, it will seem like you were trying to hide it from them.

Get Rid of All Clutter

Unless you have alternative living arrangements, people may be visiting your home while you’re still living in it. Before putting it on the market, you want to get rid of all clutter that you can. Clutter can be extremely distracting when people are looking at homes. They want to be able to envision themselves living in it. That’s very hard to do with all of your personal junk is flung everywhere.

Get Estimates

If you do plan on making repairs, it’s important to see how much it’s going to cost you. Getting estimates for all repairs is also very beneficial in the negotiating process. For instance, a potential buyer may want to ask for $5,000 off of the asking price for something that can be repaired for $1,000. Knowing this gives you an edge when it comes to negotiating prices and selling your house to the right person.

Take Care of Your Outside

The inside isn’t the only part of your house that matters. People are going to be driving by your home on a regular basis. That is the very first impression they are going to have. Make sure your lawn is in tip-top shape before listing your house. Ensure your garage doors aren’t filthy; trim back any shrubs; clean your gutters. There are many things you can do to make sure the outside of your house is attractive to potential buyers.


This is extremely key. This isn’t going to be your house anymore. It’s important to rid yourself of any emotional attachment you still have to it. You may have painted a lovely mural in the kid’s room; paint over it. It seems a bit harsh, but it’s important to make this house look presentable to other people. When there is too much of your own personality reflected in your house, people will have hard time imagining themselves in it. That’s a surefire way to keep buyers from making the purchase.

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