Finding the right garage door for your home matters a lot. Today, these attractive structures help showcase many lovely real estate properties in Atlanta and Nashville. Both the construction materials and the garage door types can impact the way your residence appears, so it’s important that you choose both the right look for your home and the right people to install your new door.

Innovative Building Materials

We carry an impressive variety of well-built, fashionable garage doors. We want to ensure our customers realize they’ll enjoy a great selection when the time arrives to pick a new or replacement door. Just consider some of the popular types of doors available on the market today:


wood door-1

Usually covered with waterproof aluminum vinyl exterior surfaces, wooden garage doors offer a very affordable and popular choice. Most manufacturers include one or more layers of insulation inside a wood-framed garage door to enhance energy efficiency and minimize noise from passing traffic. Since the addition of this insulation necessarily requires a thicker garage door design, these structures will typically weight more than thinner, uninsulated automatic doors.


Both lightweight aluminum and heavier steel have become popular garage door construction components. Some steel garage doors offer excellent resistance to fire and burglary damage. You can obtain these metal products in a variety of attractive colors.

Glass And Fiberglass

Currently, some garage doors include glass or fiberglass components. Including a window in a garage door will increase the amount of natural light entering an enclosed garage. (Some businesses prefer to employ overhead doors with transparent paneling in order to showcase the activities occurring within a garage setting for the public.) If you do choose to obtain garage doors with windows, you’ll want to take precautions to safeguard these structures against damage during severe storms.

Versatile Styles

Today, you’ll discover many creative styles of garage doors available in Tennessee and Georgia. Some of the most popular residential products include:

Automatic Overhead Doors

Most people possess familiarity with automatic overhead doors. These massive structures roll upwards on demand to permit the entry or exit of vehicles from residential garages. The convenience of an automatic overhead door pleases many households. These products include both wood, and steel and aluminum garage doors:

One-Vehicle Doors

Styles of automatic garage doors vary. If you own a single car garage, or a larger garage with multiple entrances for vehicles, you may wish to ask us to install garage doors designed for only one vehicle.

Multi-Vehicle Doors

We also carry oversize automatic overhead garage doors designed to accommodate multiple parked vehicles. The broad overhead door opens or closes to admit multiple vehicles individually. These types of door sometimes endure heavy use, since they may open and close frequently during the course of a busy day.

Hinged Swinging Garage Doors

Hinged swinging garage doors still exist in some locations. Typically manual, these doors have lost popularity in residential settings compared with automatic overhead garage doors.

Garage Door Types for Every Home

Whether you prefer popular well-insulated wooden garage doors, or other types of doors, you’ll enjoy an impressive selection when you choose a new door in the Nashville, TN or Atlanta, GA areas. Our company helps customers tailor their purchases to fit important design goals. We seek to supply turnkey service by selling and installing new doors and hardware.

When the time arrives to replace a garage door, rely on us for fast, courteous assistance. We also offer quick repair services, and we carry a variety of useful accessories (including garage door opening control systems). Our experienced technicians gladly answer questions about the process of choosing and installing any of these products. We want to assist you in finding the best garage door items to enhance your daily life!