Garage Door Safety Measures

by All Four Seasons Garage Doors Duluth GA

In most Duluth GA homes, it is clearly obvious that garage door is the largest and the heaviest moving thing visible. It is reported that injuries caused by garage doors in the USA amount to around 20,000 visits to emergency rooms annually. It is thus necessary for people in various families to be well conversant with garage door safety at all times. Every individual in a family is a key to garage door safety. It is a sound idea if everyone in the household could review from time to time on issues concerning garage door safety.

Children should never be allowed to be near or even play with the garage door or its operating system. They should never run, stand or even play near the door when it is moving or when it is open. The adults in the households should not allow the children to have access to the remote control system of the garage doors. It is highly recommended that the push button for the garage door operating system should be at least five feet elevated to prevent the children from reaching out to them. It is highly advisable to warn children that the door openers are not toys and could cause potential injuries. In the United States is reported that at least 85 children have a severe brain injury resulting from accidents involving garage door openers. Most accidents have occurred when children have gotten access to the activation system of the doors and have been trapped by the closing doors that refused to open.

Due to the work overload that garage door components and openers are exposed to on a regular basis, they may become defective after some time and need to be fixed or serviced. It is advised that in the absence of well-trained personnel, nobody is allowed or even advised to repair a garage door’s cables and springs. The springs and the cables are under tension and can snap causing severe injury or even death to the individual. The built-up energy in a spring can easily cut off someone’s limbs. The potential dangers of a torsion spring or cable gone bad cannot be overemphasized. Hence, it is advisable to locate a qualified garage door technician around Duluth GA, or preferably contact the servicing company for assistance. The maintenance of the springs should be on a regular basis preferably every year to check their status and avoid disastrous outcomes due to poor maintenance. The cables that attach the spring to the bottom on both sides of the door should be visually inspected to access their status and get replaced if need be. It has to be done by a professional technician.

A manual emergency release handle is a mandatory installation in all garage doors. The device helps in detaching the door from the door opener when activated. It is a helpful device in emergency scenarios like if a person is trapped below the door or when a power shortage or outage cuts off electricity supply to the door system. The colouring system of the handle has to be visible enough for the emergency team to recognize it promptly upon need. It should be coloured red, easily distinguished from the rest of the door components, and at most, six feet high.

Watch your fingers when handling garage doors. Many unaware garage owners injure their fingers by pulling down on the door with the fingers touching between the door panels. Many fingers have been lost, and others severely disfigured due to such accidents. The doors should have handles inside and outside. The handles act as safe gripping points in case one wants to operate the door manually.

Garage installation can be very dangerous and is highly not recommended for those who have no technical experience. However, if someone need to do the installation by himself, it is strictly advisable to follow keenly manufacturer’s instructions in the installation manual to avoid accidents.

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