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Most home owners understand that they need to make sure their doors are locked and windows shut tightly at night to prevent break ins and burglaries, but not as many people think that somebody could get in through the garage door. Furthermore, a great deal of people do not even lock the door that leads out to the garage, meaning that the entire family could be in a vulnerable position if someone were to be able to break into the garage.

If you stop and think about it, the garage is a great entry point for a thief, because it is likely a decent distance away from anyone that might be in the house, meaning that there is less chance for disturbance while they are trying to break in, or when they are stealing items. There are a bunch of sneaky ways that thieves have figured out how to get into various garages, and you might be next if you don’t prepare and protect yourself.

One of the sneakiest things that they do is break into cars and steal people’s garage door openers. Most people do not even consider the fact that they have a garage door opener in their car. If there is one thing that thieves are known for, it is breaking into and stealing cars, so you have to expect that a ton of people out there have the capabilities of breaking into your car in a matter of seconds and they could easily swipe your garage door opener and be inside very quickly. The best thing to do here is to avoid having a garage door opener in your car period, even though some people prefer to have the ability to click a button and open it anytime. It really isn’t worth it unless you have a car model that is very hard to break into, and even then you still run the risk of accidentally leaving your doors unlocked, leaving you just as vulnerable. One way that you can get by this is by purchasing a garage door opener that can go on your key chain, side stepping the whole problem. But, keep in mind, if you do happen to lose your keys, someone might find out where your house is and open up your garage.

Another way that thieves get in is by triggering the emergency release on the garage door, which is a problem that can also easily be adverted. By applying a few zip ties to the release, you can prevent it from opening and this should only take a few minutes to do. Without a doubt the best way to make sure that your garage door is not broken into is simply dead bolting it, essentially making it like another room in the house. If you can’t open the garage door, you do not run the risk of anyone getting inside it, unless of course you also have a door in your garage leading out to a side yard. A ton of garages have a side door, which just serves as another point of entry for a thief. Thieves can usually get these doors open easier than a regular door to a house, due to the fact that people protect the entry points to their home more aggressively, and side garage doors have the added benefit of being in a location that is likely secluded, giving the thief another advantage. There is not much you can do here, except to make sure that it is locked at all times. If you are worried about people potentially breaking into your garage, there are definitely some steps you can take to avoid the possibility and you should definitely pursue them.

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