There are several types of garage doors, as well as different materials from which they are constructed. The most common types of garage doors are roll-up, up-and-over, swing/carriage and sectional. Each garage door type has specific elements that make them suitable for different types of garages: function and accessibility should be considered when determining the most suitable garage door.

The design of the roll-up garage door derived from window and door coverings. They are generally constructed from corrugated steel, which gives the door strength against contact; however, roll-up garage doors can be constructed using transparent corrugated fiberglass as well. For commercial use, roll-up doors are usually operated using a pulley system or motor similar to the commercially operated garage doors in Savannah GA. Residential roll-up doors are constructed using preloaded springs inside a rolling mechanism. The functional aspect of these doors makes them popular, especially in commercial garages; however, they cannot be insulated.

There are several different types of up-and-over garage doors such as canopy, retractable and retractable PLUS. Canopy garage doors are very popular because they are easily manipulated. These types of doors are referred to as “canopy” because about a third of the door extends outward when open. Torsion springs lift the door using steel cables and conical drums. Retractable canopy doors are desirable because they can be easily automated. They open using side mounted lifting arms and tension springs and open into the garage on runners. The retractable PLUS garage doors are similar to the retractable doors but the lifting arms are located higher up, allowing for greater width between the door frames.

Swing or carriage doors operate like French doors. They hang from door jambs using hinges and tend to be more energy efficient because they fasten tightly at the door jambs. Likewise, they only have one joint that allows outside elements such as precipitation or cold and windy air to get in. If choosing carriage doors, it is important to remember that these doors require clearance in front of them. If parked to close, the doors cannot open. These doors are not suitable for short or confining driveways. They are also time-consuming because they have to be manually operated; however, automating carriage doors is feasible, though expensive.

Sectional garage doors consist of six to eight panels with the option of having windows. The door folds up into the ceiling of the garage and come in a variety of shapes and sizes such as squares and arches. These doors are easily manageable and can be transformed into remote controlled doors, allowing for hands-free use.

There are several different materials that garage doors are made from. The most common are steel, wood, aluminum, or a combination of these materials. Steel sheets are designed to look like wood and require less maintenance. Steel is also available in uninsulated, insulated and double-skin. Often steel garage doors are sheathed with vinyl boards, composite or DecanTrim to convey the appearance of wood.

Wood is used for garage doors; however the material requires work such as frequent painting or refurnishing. Durable, wooden garage doors are made from mahogany, cedar or redwood and can withstand bumps and impacts. Insulated wooded garage doors are made using lightweight wood frames filled with polyurethane insulation and wrapped in plywood.

Aluminum garage doors are rust-proof and dent resistant. They are considered heavy-duty and their light weight doesn’t put strain on their operating systems. Often times aluminum doors are constructed using aluminum frames but incorporate other materials such as polyethylene, which is a high-density plastic.

Because there are many different garage door types, it is important to understand how each door functions. There are many companies that are available to assist consumers who are looking to purchase garage doors. An example of this can be found in an online directory of garage doors in Savannah GA, that lists names and contact information of professional installers.

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