Evaluating the best commercial garage doors for your loading dock or delivery bays can be time-consuming if you start looking at all the brands, configurations, fire ratings, materials and styles that are out there. Manufacturers have developed a dizzying array of specialized products designed to meet the needs of very different businesses. Let All Four Seasons do the research from our long experience in installing and servicing commercial garage doors and their components. We have done just about every commercial garage door installation out there, so we’re not going to be surprised by any unique or custom requirements.

Commercial Garage Doors Custom Specifications

Local building codes and industrial safety regulations frequently determine the most important garage door specifications you’ll want to consider as you review available products in the marketplace. In addition to the dimensions of your doors, you should evaluate issues such as fire ratings, opening and closing speeds, insulation, manufacturing quality, price, and stress-bearing capabilities. Your everyday usage of your doors is a major factor in determining the suitability of different available products. For instance, the aesthetic appeal of loading dock doors may not matter very much for a rear-of-the-building loading dock that only truck drivers and your employees see. Do a Google search on “commercial garage doors near me “ or “commercial garage doors repair near me,” and you’ll find a wide variety of options, only one of which is family-owned, local and known for excellent customer service: All Four Seasons Garage Doors!

Choosing the right type of commercial garage door

Single-Panel / Panel Lift Door This is a one-piece door that swings open by pivoting out at the bottom as the top pulls back into the opening at the ceiling. It completes opening by resting close to the ceiling of the entry and retraces its path when it closes. It’s held in place by lateral pivot points and tensioning springs uses a system of armatures and tracks to move up and out of the way. This type of one-piece garage door is the standard commercial garage door that was developed early in the history of garage doors. It was largely replaced by the sectional garage door that came very popular in the market due to later innovations. These doors tend to be the least expensive, but lack some of the flexibility of other designs. If warehouse security is a concern, don’t let your retractable doors be a weak point! Security gates are one application of this commercial door style if space is limited but rigidity is needed.

Sectional Garage Doors Designed with separate hinged sections instead of a solid single panel, sectional garage doors for commercial use have been typically designed to fit openings of up to 14 feet in height. Typical garage doors of this design can utilize a number of panels, the number and width depending on the application. The joints between the panels have been designed to generate minimal noise possible and also operate quietly. A significant amount of headroom is also necessary to accommodate these doors. Sectional garage doors can be adapted for high security and thermal efficiency by adding extra amounts of material thickness and insulation. Sectional garage doors are known for their durability, safety and efficiency, as well as good structural integrity and soundproofing. Another type of sectional garage door is the steel ribbed or roller shutter garage door. Using narrow horizontal slats, these are ideal for a wide variety of exterior and interior environments. The articulated slat curtain is retracted by a rotating spindle at the top of the opening, secured and guided on the sides by a narrow track. Rail-and-stile doors are perfect for applications that require a decorative or innovative appearance. Aluminium stiles holding a clear or translucent glass or plexi glass panels add a fresh, modern look to public-facing large garage-style doors. Commercial glass garage doors are a very popular look for urban businesses such as restaurants who want a patio experience that connects with the interior, adding fresh outside air to the ambience.

Folding Doors Opening and closing side-to-side in an accordion-like fashion, folding doors have applications where headroom is limited and partial opening is needed and commercial garage roller doors can’t be used. They can be constructed of insulated panels, vertically hinged, or lightweight materials for manual operation.

Hinged Door Set Hinged along the sides and attached to the door jambs,  these doors open along a vertical seam in the center and pivot either out toward the entrant or inward. Support for the rotation of the doors requires special consideration for the framing and hardware as well as space for them to clear the area in front or immediately inside the opening. Aluminium or steel is usually used to make hinged door sets, but there are also stainless steel, glass and timber versions.

Commercial garage roll-up doors These doors are space-saving and durable, ideal for commercial applications. The door is made from thin slats which are hinged in such a way as to allow it to roll up on a spindle at the top of the opening. While the head space needed is slightly more than some other types of doors, it’s a popular solution for loading docks, controlled entry points and garages.

Commercial garage door prices

Prices vary widely depending on many factors. The best way to determine your cost is to have one of our technicians visit your premises, discuss options, take measurements and perform a free estimate. We’ve seen prices vary from $500 to over $10,000. An average figure for most commercial applications would be around $1500. Standard commercial garage doors sizes range from a 12×14 garage doors to a 14×14 garage door, but there are custom solutions in just about any size or rough opening. Finding the right commercial garage doors for sale may take a consultation with a sales rep to find out all your options and prices.

Commercial garage door repair

Commercial garage door repair need not take days or weeks to complete. Contacting a company that wants to earn your business should result in a fix that is quick and done right the first time. We understand that you are losing money and time by putting up with a broken commercial door, not to mention security issues. All Four Seasons Commercial Garage Doors is a local company, small enough to care about each of our customers, but large enough to provide the exact type of commercial garage doors you demand. Customization is no problem no matter what commercial door system you are looking for. Our great reputation rests on our commitment to do our best work the first time and seeing it through until our customers are completely satisfied.

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