It’s never fun when a garage door breaks. In fact, it is a very frustrating experience. It messes up your plans for the day, you can be late, you are worried about the security of leaving the house with the garage door broken for the day, and you are not looking forward to spend money. You are probably wondering how many services you will be charged for if you call the technicians and what other “problems” they will find besides the one thing that needs to be repaired.

The bad news and the good news

The bad news is there are indeed many companies that pay their technicians based on how much they charge for repair and how much they sell to the customers. They all have the “lowest price guarantee,” but are you really going to shop around for prices with a broken garage door at home and a busy schedule in North Atlanta, GA? They know you won’t.

The good news is that there’s All 4 Seasons Garage Doors in North Atlanta, GA. We are based in Marietta, GA and serve the whole metro Atlanta area. What makes us stand out are the fair and transparent prices. Our technicians are not salespeople. They don’t have the incentive if charging for more services or selling you more stuff. They don’t make more money from doing so. Our technicians are trained to achieve customer satisfaction and maintain the high reputation our company has gained so far. They will even suggest some DYI repair for you. We’re the honest family business for garage door repair in North Atlanta GA that has been around for long enough to know the needs of the homeowners in North Atlanta. We’re your neighbors, and we genuinely want to help you. We encourage you to check out our online reviews and to ask your family and friends about us.

What went wrong?

So let’s look at some situation of why garage doors break. When you have garage doors that are hinged, you should check to see if the hinges are broken or check the cables that connect the pulley system to see if they snapped. Because of the way garage doors are made, hinges are somewhat easy to replace and can even be done without any assistance. Snapped cables, on the other hand, can be a more serious problem and shouldn’t be repaired without professional help.

Snapped cables can cause one side of the garage door to be slightly elevated. Without the proper tools, know-how, or aide fixing a garage door can be dangerous. A garage door that is elevated on one side has to have the other side lifted in order for the door to be fixed. A person can seriously hurt themselves trying to lift a heavy garage door by themselves. I person could drop the door on their foot or hurt their back trying to lift the door. If the garage door breaks during the winter it can be twice as dangerous because a person could slip and fall on a patch of ice causing the door to fall on you and either break or crush something and possibly causing an even more fatal catastrophe. The risks of serious injuries and hospital bills are not worth the few bucks saved for repairing the garage door yourself.

Another thing to check for when having problems with your garage door is to see if the chain is broken. Depending on the type of garage door opener you have, this garage door repair can be one that can be fixed without calling a professional. As in all repairs the key is to have the right materials and tools in order to ensure that it will be repaired and work properly. Still another repair you can do on your own are fixing squeaks and repairing parts that are stiff. Squeaks and stiff parts can be fixed by using a good lubricant or petroleum jelly.

All of these things should be checked before calling a garage door repair service. By doing this you can tell the garage door company exactly what is wrong with the garage door and avoid buying any additional parts that you may not need. Not sure of what company to use? Well, if you live in or around the North Atlanta GA area, there are several companies that offer free estimates and discounts. Many companies realize that the average consumer doesn’t know what a fair price is for repair and doesn’t have the same knowledge and expertise and they will charge the consumers more. This is not the case with All 4 Seasons Garage Doors. Our prices are fair and transparent, and our expert technicians will explain you the process, the problem, give you options, and even advice you on the things you could probably fix yourself.

All 4 Seasons Garage Doors is the premier choice company for garage door repair in North Atlanta, GA. Check out our reviews online, ask your family and friends about us, and see for yourself. Our reputation was built on trust and customer satisfaction. Call us today for a FREE on-site estimate at (678)-981-8454.