All Four Seasons Garage Door Repair Dunwoody GA

Fall is the time to decorate the patio, clean out the pool, and maintain your lawn, these are all the things that come to mind when thinking of different ways to perfect your home. This is the time of year that we can really let ours homes shine and showcase all the efforts and hard work that was accomplished in the summer months.

One thing that probably never comes to mind is your garage door. Garage Doors go in an upward and downward motion over a thousand times yearly. Garage Doors are used to provide safety and storage for our vehicles and other miscellaneous items. However, if they are not properly maintained the security feature can quickly turn into a liability.

One can determine if their garage door needs maintenance by listening to see if it makes a loud noise when it goes up and down, if it is physically unappealing (i.e. dirty or rusty), or if you know you have never applied any maintenance to your garage door. Now is the time to start fixing up the garage door, and here are a few things that one can do to keep a reliable and safe garage door.

The first step to maintaining a quality garage door is keeping it clean; it’s just as easy as cleaning your car. Take the same car wash soap that you utilize to clean your vehicle, mix it with warm water, and place it on a sponge or cloth and scrub the door. When you are done cleaning the door rinse it off, and you will notice the immediate transformation of the appearance of your garage door.

So the next Sunday afternoon that you spend washing your car don’t forget to clean your garage door as well. Next it’s time for inspection; checks need to be done as a preventative maintenance, not when you have already identified that there is a problem with the garage door. When inspecting the door look specifically at the movable parts such as the chains, springs, rollers, and cables. If the movement of these parts is not in sync or if they seem delayed then you need to contact a professional to fix the problem.

Another proactive way to maintain a working garage door is to keep it lubricated. Applying lubrication can be complicated and if you are not comfortable with the process, please contact a professional. While adhering to the guidelines of the garage door manufacturer, use a non-silicone based lubricant and apply it to the springs, bearings, hinges, and metal rollers.

Weatherstripping is used to protect things from the elements. It is often used on windows and can also be applied to your garage door. Check the weatherstripping along side the doors to see if it is clogged, if it is, adjust it back to the standard setting or replace it if necessary. If you have a wooden garage door and there is no weatherstripping on the bottom, ensure that it is painted or airtight; you can also consider adding weatherstripping.

Just like your vehicle after a certain amount of miles needs a tune-up so does your garage door. Its job may seem simple going up and down from day to day, but think of what a hassle it would be to have to replace or fix this necessity. Utilizing the preventative maintenance techniques will help you be proactive and maintain a safe and attractive garage door. Again if at any time you do not feel comfortable with applying any of these best practices, do not hesitate to contact a professional garage door inspector for assistance.

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