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Garage Door Construction and Design

Garage doors, oh how simple they once were, have now taken on many different visual appearances as well as how they function. Owners who are building a new garage will need to find out if they will require one, two, and even 4 or more doors to the garage. After they figure out how many doors they will need they will need to determine the look that they would like to achieve. Do they like windows? Does it need lots of windows? What color should the door be? Or should it just be made of something that resembles wood? How should the door open and what kind of security does it have? What about energy efficiency and the door to the garage, and what is the state code for installing the door? Should the door be made of fiberglass, wood, or steel? Oh the many, many decisions one must make just to purchase a door.

Carriage house doors for a garage are a thing of beauty. They are built to resemble real carriage house doors that swing to the side, but they lift overhead like a traditional garage door will. They can be made from wood or steel and they come in a variety of color options. An easier decision to make with this type of door for a garage is the question about the windows. Carriage house doors generally have 2 windows per door. There are options in the size of the windows and one would only have to view the doors to determine which window style that they prefer. These doors also come with various degrees of energy efficiency and the homeowner will need to do some homework to see what the least amount of R-value is required for their area before making a purchase. The type of hardware that is attached to the door to give it the complete carriage house look is another option that should be considered before purchasing. Generally the hardware options would be for the handles as well as for the faux hinges that appear on the outside of the door.

Raised panel doors or traditional doors for a garage appear nothing like they once did many moons ago. These doors come in a variety of color options so the homeowner may match the house color perfectly. Raised panels give door design without being over the top. Some of the raised panels have window options and they can vary from 2 to 4. As with other types of garage doors the traditional door also has differences in the energy efficiency so it is wise to consult with the city building offices to find out what the requirements for the area is before purchasing.

Aluminum doors for a garage add a touch of modern to the exterior of a home. They have many options in the aluminum doors such as how many and what type of windows will be added to the door as well as the various color options. The clear long windows are very modern while the arched windows tend to be more traditional in design. The glass within the doors can be clear, which is good if someone would like to actually use the window or it can be obscure where objects on the other side are blurred, and satin which is where the objects can barely be seen at all on the other side.

Garage doors are an investment and picking ones that match the exterior of a home is always a smart idea. Matching the door to the personality of the homeowners is also another smart move before deciding on a purchase

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