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Glass Garage Doors to Modernize Your Home

Glass Garage DoorsThe options, styles, insulation capabilities, colors and finishes of modern garage doors have grown way beyond what you see on a typical suburban street. Glass – and lots of it – is popular, along with innovative ways of operating the door, framing it, and matching it to your home’s architectural style and landscaping.

And garages are not the only spaces getting a makeover. There are so many ideas for every conceivable living space would benefit from a highly adjustable, virtually removable wall.

Glass Garage Doors

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Glass Doors – Not Just for Your Garage

The roll-up garage door has evolved. What was once a feature used only to provide vehicles access in and out of a garage has grown into a striking design element in living rooms, kitchens, sunrooms, and even bedrooms.

Many homeowners have gained not only a conversation piece, but a creative way to open up or change the size of their living spaces, join an interior space to the outside, add light and air and a sense of flair.

Glass garage doors are able to light a space by effectively providing a wall of windows. Many designers choose to include semi-opaque or frosted glass in some of the lower sections for privacy, with a clear glass section above to maintain a beautiful connection to the outdoors. The glass itself normally features low-E coatings and double or triple glazing for insulation against heat or cold, or specially configured to provide daytime solar heating in the winter.

Choosing the Right Glass Garage Door for Your Home

On a beautiful day when it’s time to open the “wall of windows,” the investment in specially made opening equipment for glass garage doors comes in handy. A one-piece door with a single panel that lifts into a horizontal position can provide the effect of an awning over the outside space, but requires a more powerful motor. Sectional doors can open like louvers or in the same way as most traditional garage doors with each panel articulating in relation to its neighbor as it climbs a curved track up and overhead.

In other designs, single panel glass garage doors can run vertically on a track to the left or right of the opening, like a barn door. Most designers prefer some form of the roll-up door designs as they provide efficiency, save space and are easy to operate and maintain.

For this new breed of doors, weather isn’t a problem. For most of these highly engineered doors rain, snow, wind, even hurricanes are no match for strong construction. Most are NFRC rated for U-value (escaping heat or cooling), air leakage, Visible light transmittance and solar heat gain. Tempering and other safety elements are standard, so you can be certain that your openable window-wall is going to stand up to as much wear and tear as your other walls.

Imagine a living space filled with natural light and stunning views of the natural world, through large aesthetically pleasing windows. With the push of a button, the wall retracts up and overhead admitting breezes and the sounds of a new day. Bask in morning light in your breakfast nook as you sip your coffee and enjoy. Picture a dinner party with friends that easily flows in and out of the house without the nuisance of a conventional sliding door or the bang of a narrow screen door as your guests move between your backyard, deck, kitchen and dining area. A glass garage door re-purposed as an interior feature give you flexibility that traditional construction never did.

If you’re considering a glass garage door to modernize your home in the greater Nashville area, contact All Four Seasons today. We’re ready to come to your home for a free consultation. After selecting the contemporary option that best fits your unique style, you will love the new look of your home.


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