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The average garage door takes up about 20 percent of the curbside view of your home. So it is only natural that you may have questions about how they work, what you can do to make them look better, and to see how they can benefit your home overall. These Garage Door Questions can now be answered.Garage Door Questions

What are different types of doors?

There are four different types of garage doors, categorized by how they open. Sectional roll up garage doors are the most popular for residential homes. They follow a track and are divided into sections that articulate while being raised and straighten out when they are being lowered. Carriage doors are usually either swing out or slide. They are usually used instead of roll up garage doors for a distinctive look and in older houses. Single piece tilting doors were very common in the 1960s and 70s but are used less often today.

How does an automatic garage door opener work?

Automatic garage door openers are a system used by many homeowners to simplify their garage door opening and closing process. An electrically powered motor / drive is connected to a belt or chain, which is attached to the garage door along a single long track. At the end of the track, a pulley and cable system connect with the garage door along a curved arm, which is attached to the door’s torsion springs. The torsion springs store energy that is used to reduce the weight that the drive and belt must pull when the garage door opener engages.

How Long Do Parts Last?

An automatic garage door opener is designed to open and close along its torsion springs about 10,000 times. On average, the door is open and shut about 1500 times per year, so they usually last about six or seven years before they need to be replaced. There are usually two springs, and one will go out before the other. If the garage door opens at a slant, one of the torsion springs is probably broken

How do you know you need to replace a garage door?

Wooden garage doors tend to need replacing sooner than other materials, such as steel. Especially in wet or humid conditions, the wood can warp and sag, impacting its appearance and slowing its ability to be raised and lowered. There is usually no way to repair a warped wooden door, and it will need to be replaced.

You may also want to replace your garage doors to improve your maintenance costs. Older doors may not be properly insulated. If the garage is attached to your home, an older door can be hurting your monthly heating or cooling bills.

Should I install garage door hardware?

Garage door hardware can be a quick and easy weekend DIY project that adds curb appeal to a plain door. There are many basic kits you can purchase at home improvement stores for classical, modern, and rustic designs that can be coordinated to match other hardware on the outside of your home.

How do I keep garage pests out?

A bug or rodent infestation is one of the worst garage problems a person can have. The best way to avoid it is to keep food inside the garage down to a minimum, and always carry any food back inside to throw it away. When installing a new garage door, you can keep the garage pests away by making sure everything is sealed and caulked correctly, and examining the edges for any holes that an animal can crawl through. Finally, you can use a pest control spray around the perimeter to keep them at a safe and long distance.

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