R Reinhart - All Four Seasons Garage Doors
July 25, 2016

We absolutely love this company. They are straight forward with everything. Ray was our technician today and he was so knowledgeable, personable and professional. He answered all my questions not to mention fixing our garage door with ease and expertise. This is the third time we have used them in about 8 years. Our garage door and equipment is all original to the house and bottom of the line builder’s grade products. They have never put down or talked badly about our equipment and always fixed it perfectly, with ease and expertise. And, no matter who came out from their company, they never tried to upsell us or suggest anything other than why we called them. Also, they do something you rarely ever get anymore with any service call, that is, to go above and beyond by tweaking this and checking that. It was sort of a check-up, they checked the spring, they checked the nuts and bolts. They lubricated items and just did a general well check on everything. Again, Ray was our tech and it was SO HOT today and he never complained once, all he did was work, work and smile. I would recommend this company to anyone who has a garage with a door. Thank you All Four Seasons Garage Doors.