Dot V. - All Four Seasons Garage Doors
August 3, 2018

As a full-time Realtor for 35 years, I have seen and heard about many vendors, good and bad.

It was an incredible and very pleasing experience to meet Ryan today. He arrived on time, stayed totally focused on installing my new garage doors and was pristine with everything he did. It was obvious to me that he had passion about doing an excellent job and that he had talent and much experience with his job.

I moved from a larger home with a full basement. Now one side of my garage serves as a storage place for my Christmas decorations, etc. The former door had a lock on it so no one could open it from outside. When I noticed that the new doors did not have an interior lock, I became VERY concerned. I have a garage door opener on one side but as I only have one car did not wish to buy a 2nd garage door opener.

As a Single person, I was most alarmed about someone just lifting the door. Ryan said, ” If you do buy a garage door lock, I will install it for you.” He used my iPhone to find what I needed so I could show them at Home Depot. Wow!!!!!!! What service!!!!!! Most techs would have shrugged their shoulder and said” Sorry!”

Ryan went the extra mile and as a Realtor, I will certainly refer your company and here is the catch—-I will insist that they ask for RYAN to install their doors!!! He is 5 Star and I am hugely impressed with his performance today. Even though it started to rain, Ryan endured as if it were a perfect day!!

Just wanted you to know what a fabulous employee you have in Ryan. He was training someone and instructed him clearly and so well.

It is rare to find an employee that cares as much as Ryan does about making the customer happy. He succeeded today!

All The Best, Dot Van Dyke